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Justin literally dying in the latest Monster Factory

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instead of saying “let people hate religion” say “let people hate christianity” because i promise you that the first one sets off big sirens in every jewish and muslim person’s head.

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Says who - Lil B

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you know something pretty funny about undertale aus?

in a parallel universe, we got a game of that au instead of undertale.

i cannot fathom a universe where underfell is canon and undertale isn’t

Maybe its a universe where EVERYONE is dark and edgy.

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unfriendly reminder i dont want transmeds/truscum following me!!

this also goes for people who are “transmed safe” or whatever the fuck

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“Capitalist realism is best summed up with a single sentence: ‘It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.’ (…) [T]hat catchphrase captures the very essence of our era, with capitalism not only viewed as the exclusively ‘viable political and economic system’ but also one where it is ‘impossible even to imagine a coherent alternative’. After all, how can you contrive an alternative to reality itself? (…) Because capitalist realism has no offer of a better future (…) its default logic is one of anti-utopianism. Flat wages, falling home ownership and a warming planet might be bad, granted, but at least we have iPhones.”

— Aaron Bastani (2018). Fully Automated Luxury Communism.

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now THIS is how you photograph a mirror. unapologetically.

mr incredible the american bastard

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On December 4, 1969 Black Panther Party leaders Fred Hampton, 21, and Mark Clark, 22, are murdered by the police in Chicago, Illinois.

The two young revolutionary activists were shot in a police raid on a Panther residence on Chicago’s West Side during the infamous “search for illegal weapons” authorized by then-State’s Attorney Edward V. Hanrahan.

Their death came in the last month of a decade that saw the murders of other prominent civil rights leaders including Medgar Evers in 1963, Malcolm X in 1965, and Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968.

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Eau Claire Leader, Wisconsin, January 30, 1915

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i know most terfs on tumblr are just career liars with absolutely zero interest in the truth (common feature of hate groups), but it’s still so weird to see the whole “actually all trans women are white” talking point get deployed, usually with the implication that being a terf is a necessary component of fighting against racism, or that transness literally only came into existence because of “white male entitlement” and “white men” just wanting to feel persecuted and oppressed.

like it’s such an easily provable lie that it’s up there with like “trans lesbians never date each other” or “nobody outside the first world knows what trans people are! just ask my ARGENTINIAN grandmother!” in terms of sheer nonsense and absurdity, albeit I would also say it’s worth noting that denying the existence of trans women of color is a particularly vile thing to do, given that the most extreme forms of violence faced by trans feminine people in a lot of the world happen with enormously higher frequency to black trans feminine people, who in this rhetorical frame are precluded from even existing or being discussed at all, which in practice, is consciously making the decision that all the murdered black trans feminine people simply don’t matter, just so you can be a horrible edgelord online.

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Stew is my favorite celebrity



The paparazzi caught him

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オレはほぼまいばん 家主のばすまっとを せんきょします



I occupy my landlady’s bath mat almost every night… If I am not here, she must be upset to doubt I may go out again… So, I do for her!

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idk why everyone is mad pewdiepie got robbed??? uh, maybe the robber apologized??? it was just. a heated. burglary moment. why y'all sjws coming for this robber he did nothing wrong!!

hey hey


fuck you

bidoofs law never lets me down


You’re…disappointed that they didn’t come up with a counter-argument to your brilliant and rapier-sharp point of saying “fuck you”?

bro isnt that the down with cis guy

Glad to know nothing has changed over the past decade

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listen i know a lot of you think that judaism is just like….christianity but with some cool more ~ethnique~ holidays or whatever but if you’re approaching your interpretation of judaism within any sort of framework related to xtianity you’re doing it entirely wrong

“the torah says [x]” doesn’t mean “the torah says this and so this is what everyone does bc that’s the torah”

“the torah says [x]” means “for the next several thousand years people are going to argue about what exactly this means, what the loopholes are, how many different ways this can be interpreted, whether we should even follow it, and hey maybe gd isn’t even real so maybe the question is how this impacts us and our society, what are the implications, etc”

judaism is not “the torah says sodomy is an abhorrence therefore the entire religion is intrinsically homophobic and gd hates gays and is gonna send us to hell for being gay” because that is not how judaism works AT ALL

if you’re a prospective convert, if you’re someone who’s interested in theology, if you’re someone who thinks you know enough about judaism to talk about it on the internet, it is ESSENTIAL to understand these things.

judaism is not, and has never been, xtianity. not just because of our holidays. not just because we don’t believe that jesus is the messiah. but because we have a fundamentally different philosophy about gd, the torah, and how we should live our lives.

this is ok to rb btw

yeah, like in judaism, questioning holy scriptures is ENCOURAGED. it’s how we interact with them, it’s seen as keeping them alive. questioning and challenging g-d is what you’re SUPPOSED to do.

not only that, we don’t believe in hell. at all. i always found it a much more significant difference than thd jesus thing. there is no “if you do x you will go to hell” in judaism, because we don’t believe in hell. every idiot who talks about how “abrahamic religions” or “all organized religion” is controlling and manipulative usually knows nothing about judaism and just assumes all religions are like christianity.

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um if you bothered to read through some of marx’s unfinished manuscripts i think you’d find that putting a little hot sauce on that bad boy is actually a central aspect of class struggle

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in case anyone needs these: 

pewdiepie got his entire Youtube start on rape jokes (google pewdiepie and “rape jokes” you’ll find plenty of sources), ableism, homophobia and racism. [x] He even produced a song titled “It’s Raping Time”. [x] He also made jokes about raping an 8-year-old character from TWD game.

Pewdiepie has hired multiple people to carry out antisemitic hate crimes; including hiring two men to hold a sign that says “Death to All Jews” and another to say “Hitler did nothing wrong”. These are both easily found on google; but this Vox article sums it up well. 

The Wall Street Journal studied his content since 2016 and found 9 videos (at the time of the study) tied with antisemitic language or nazi imagery. [x] He has compared himself to Hitler [x] and gave the Nazi salute himself [x]. In this video he is supposedly being ironic; but as we all know with irony, that’s not how it works. In another video, he plays audio clips of the Nazi party anthem while bowing over a swastika. This is not intended as ironic. [x] (also detailed in the above Vox article)

He has dropped the equivalent to the n-word in Swedish in a since-removed video [x] 

The white supremacist movement also does not hesitate in embracing his appearance and video trends as a sign he’s been “redpilled”. [x] (note: this link is an archived webpage of “The Daily Stormer”, a known nazi/white supremacist site). He also uses language and “humor” generally affiliated with alt-right circles, as noted in his antiblack racist bits regarding Leslie Jones  [x] and his heavily nazi influenced video on “cucks” like Buzzfeed [x]

His affiliates include:

notoriously racist and antisemitic Youtube channel E;R

Ben Shapiro - known racist, transphobe and “alt-right” face 

The Christchurch Shooter [x], who used his “subscribe to PewDiePie” shtick as a dogwhistle [x]

The Poway Synagogue Shooter [x], who mentioned “subscribe to Pewdiepie” as well

In summation, I’m glad this little bitch got robbed and I wish more had happened to him, he’s a nazi collaborator that touts this false ironic humor to almost 100 million people and it has gotten to the point that his very mention is a dogwhistle to white supremacists. 

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50 years ago today, Deputy Chairman of the Black Panther Party Fred Hampton was assassinated by the US government. He was 21.

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