Hint: It may not, despite prior evidence, be party time.



say it with me kiddos: Miles Morales already has a great dad. He didn’t need Peter B. as a father figure - Peter B. needed Miles as a son figure

Miles’ dad is such a great dad that Miles is able to train people who need dad practice.

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Yes but also the bottom is locked as well

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Is he straight or whispers g


Arcade Gannon: I like men. I’m interested in men. I like to date men. I would like for another man to woo me.

Gamerbo1zzzz: is Arcade gay? Does anyone know? I’m not sure. Does this mean he’s gay??


i think about these a lot


Sometimes I think about the dense-ass gamer bros who went to the forums and legit asked “Doctor Richards keeps calling me his little buttercup and flirting with me and I think he thinks I’m playing as a girl??? Is this a bug????”

Like not only are these idiots so used to not having to see or think about gays that they completely missed the BLATANT gay subtext of the Confirmed Bachelor perk when they took it for the Sweet Damage, but they were more prepared to assume that a man hitting on them was a bug than to believe Obsidian would put an openly gay man in their shooty shooty game as a respected officer among the “good guys”

But they still feel like any queer rep at all is overwhelming pandering after they got used to not having to look at us at all for most of gaming history

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Here just being at a protest is enough to subject you to violence and arrest. Any protest that isn’t a permitted parade (and even some that are) is likely to end in the police declaring it an unlawful assembly and opening fire on you with crowd control devices, beating you, arresting you, and trumping up charges that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees or fines, jail time, lost income, and trauma.

Most people are still too comfortable or have too much to lose, but some of us are still taking those risks.


There are also places where it’s illegal to strike, or where it’s illegal for certain workers to strike. (Like government employees, for example.)

And despite all of that, there are brave people striking! A lot of teachers have been striking in a lot of places over the last two years - most recently in Chicago. There are

The US isn’t the only country that’s had horrific anti-union violence, and several of those countries now have MUCH BETTER LABOR LAWS because people kept fighting and didn’t give up.

Keep fighting, support strikes, join a union, and vote for people who will actually regulate the massive corporations and keep them from doing whatever they want. It’s not going to change overnight, but nothing’s going to change for the better if people just give up.


It’s also hard to strike without a strike fund, aka, a way to keep all the strikers fed and not evicted for failure to pay rent while striking. It’s also hard to organize a strike when everyone who would be involved in it is exhausted from being overworked. 

In the US, so many people are already so used to shitty treatment that the point at which they snap and start to revolt is much, much higher than it is in other countries. The US successfully normalized feeling dehumanized at your place of work decades ago, and people don’t tend to revolt against what they think of as normal.

Also, yeah, it can get you murdered.


Literally in 2014,the army came out cause we were in groups asking not to get killed by the police


Or the Tulsa Massacre of 1921


Ma’am are you aware of the 1985 Philadelphia bombing


I remember seeing protests happening in France or smth and people were asking why Americans couldn’t do the same thing….ma'am our police will gun us down and face zero consequences


people being pretentious asking why the poor people of the USA aren’t doing a general strike or a revolt like other countries. ma’am our government has drones.

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One of my students wrote a very eloquent and well-researched paper for her english class about the unfair advantages and lack of accountability given to student athletes, and she specifically called out how much worse it is with football and basketball, and bruh. People are getting heated over this shit. She spoke nothing but the truth, and the football and basketball teams are PISSED — coaching staff included. Like she legit created a little controversy at our school by calling out the fact that athletics are prioritized over academics. WITH SOURCES.

And what’s funny is she played it smart — not only by giving herself some plausible deniability by writing it about high schools and colleges in general rather than just about our school, but also by calling out the worst sports specifically. She could have left it at ALL student athletes, but by explicitly stating that football and basketball are the worst perpetrators, she won all the other athletes to her side — golf, tennis, swimming, track. Instead of having all student athletes at her throat, she turned everyone against the basketball and football teams.

I’m so proud of her. Nobody listens to teachers when we bring up that half the football team is failing all their classes, but let a fellow student bring it up and everyone’s ready to riot.

When I was in high school I was tasked with writing a paper on a school issue and I wrote about how school budget was being disproportionately favored towards the football team and other sports in general. At the time, Colorado had laws in place that made it so anyone with the desire could request budget information for public schools and how they were used.

My mom had done that. Printed off like 80 pages of budget reports. We found staggeringly huge money wastes. The football team had hired a retired NFL coach (not cheap) as a second string coach. Instead of using the county approved vendors, the Poms team had their uniforms custom made at Victoria secret because the pomp’s coach worked there on weekends but the price was like three times that of the approved vendor.

I brought some of these points up in my paper in discussion how other extracurriculars like theater, band, etc had to have boosters to be able to afford basic necessities (theater had asked for some extra dividing walls that could be used to partition the choir room to allow for boys and girls to change in privacy instead of in the open like we usually did but were denied because it wasn’t in our budget). I was told by my teacher it was incorrect and I needed to cite sources and not “libel” programs at our school with baseless accusations. I brought in the forms printed off the next day and was told I was being snotty and vindictive and that those programs helped bring in money from the state because our football team was so good.

The band room had instruments from the 70s that were falling apart. The theater department didn’t have a budget for set design so the director spent it out of her own pocket to get screws and wood. There were ACADEMIC clubs that had to be cancelled because there wasn’t money to pay teachers the overtime to be sponsors after school. The school’s television program, which ran the daily announcements, operated with some of the most ancient tech. Again, because their budgets had been slashed in favor of sportsball kicking.

Teacher was a sponsor for one of the sports that had just recently gotten brand new uniforms despite the fact the old ones were only about 3 years old. I was livid about being shoved off. I didn’t care that the football team making state helped with some sponsorships—they didn’t need to be dumping money into professional NFL coaches. The Poms team could have done a booster to get the fancy uniforms. It was ridiculous. I ended up going to a school board meeting and asking why on earth this was acceptable.

Well. Apparently it was not and not being monitored because the following year the principal (who was so avidly pro sports you would have thought she assumed school academics were an annoying side purpose for public education dollars) was asked to retire. Can’t fire teachers or administrators easily thanks to the unions which have their upsides but seriously so much shitty behavior was covered up by that. It ended up leveling off and the next year we got more money in the budgets for other extracurriculars but I won’t ever forget the attitude I got for trying to expose the grifting done for sports over academics or “nerdy” extracurriculars.

Karma got it though, the following year we sold out every damn night of our production of West Side Story and made back our budget and then some.

Sports are important, don’t get me wrong but the privilege they are afforded, the lack of accountability at the top, and the turning of eyes in favor of making wins is sickening and it goes beyond just college level athletics.

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Solas: The Dalish are fools.

Aeolus “I Love my Clan and my Mommy” Lavellan:

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I see a lot of people who tell young people–especially young people who are heading into college–that they should “do what they love.” And they’re right. You should do what you love.

But there’s a world of difference between doing what you love for you, and doing what you love for a paycheck. 

I went to undergrad for graphic design and 3-D design–art and more art, I usually say–and I loved it. You know what I didn’t love? Trying to collect my fees from clients. Trying to meet unrealistic, over-simplified or over-specific briefs from people who didn’t know what they were talking about. Coming home, having worked creatively all day, with no creative juice left for the things I wanted to do.

You know what I would tell you instead? Do something that you can be interested in, with people you like.

You don’t have to love it. Loving your work can be a lot, and it often means you have to live in your job 24/7. Some people can do that. Not everyone can, or should.  But if you can find work that’s interesting enough that it doesn’t feel tedious, and people you can enjoy spending your 9-5 with, and you can make money, that’s great! It means you can do the things you love for you.

I’m in law school now. It’s interesting work, and difficult, and I like doing it. I like how complicated it gets, and I like the stories it tells. But I don’t come home and read law journals for fun. I come home, and I sculpt, and I draw, and I paint, and I read. I do these things for me.

And I love it. 

Gods I wish I’d had this ten years ago when everyone was pushing for me to do art for a living. Probably wouldn’t have burned out as hard as I did

Once when I was high school a teacher from another school came into our class and talked about stuff like this. He said instead of trying to get a job you love, find a lifestyle you love.

He said he had no aspirations to be a teacher. His passion is surfing. But the reason he loves teaching is because he can go surfing every weekend, because there’s no school. And he’s free during the summer and holidays to spend time with his family.

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if you’re a wlw, reblog this and tell me your identity and whether or not you can cook. it’s for science

i’m a lesbian and i can microwave chicken nuggets really good

Queer/Bi and yes I can cook! I love making oven-roasted veggies, pan-roasted meals, and pastries especially.

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Me; “Yeah haha I had a goth phase in my teens.”

Also me, at the slightest provocation, to this very day;

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Garrett deadlifts his Mabari on the Daily and it’s why he’s the only Mage in Thedas who is ABSOLUTELY JACKED

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take a flower shower! sing it sing it babe

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i know i’m biased because i’m 12 at heart and i think everything he does is funny but my little brother put together a last-minute “time traveler” costume for halloween which comprised solely of this homemade WW3 draft card and i think every single aspect of it is absolutely fucking hilarious

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My art history teacher is like “there were ZERO women artists during the renaissance well there was Sofonisba but that’s it” and I’m STEAMING bc there WERE more female artists during the Renaissance and I KNOW this bc I spent hours researching women artists in the Renaissance so I could figure out what to name my girl ninja turtle oc when I was 11

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here’s a list of all the cartoons NOT on disney+





if you’re debating about getting it and were hoping to watch any of the following on it, sorry but they aint there:

  • Aladdin: the Animated Series
  • The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show
  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series
  • Pepper Ann
  • Mickey Mouse Works
  • The Weekenders
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
  • House of Mouse
  • Lloyd in Space
  • Legend of Tarzan
  • Teamo Supremo
  • The Wuzzles
  • Raw Toonage
  • Marsupilami
  • Jungle Cubs
  • Nightmare Ned
  • Fillmore!
  • Dave the Barbarian
  • Brandy & Mr. Whiskers
  • American Dragon: Jake Long
  • The Buzz On Maggie
  • Shorty McShorts’ Shorts
  • Fish Hooks
  • Wander Over Yonder
  • Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
  • Motorcity
  • The 7D
  • Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  • Two More Eggs
  • Pickle and Peanut
  • Future-Worm!
  • Billy Dilley’s Super-Duper Subterranean Summer
  • PB&J Otter
  • Special Agent Oso
  • Sofia the First
  • Monsters At Work


Disney made a whole fucking seperate subscription streaming site exclusively for their own content and yet they dont have all their own content, partuclarly and glaringly not the difficult to find content that no one else would have

Instead they fucking pulled their more popular and accessible stuff from other subscription services including ones they already own

And then they have the nerve to be like “dont pirate our content pwease :( its not nice”

Anyway, how’s capitalism treating all the rest of y'all lmfao

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me @ AO3

You wanna know a secret tho? You can.

You can leave as many as you want and it’ll show up. I’ll see your name four times in the kudos list when you clicked it four times. That little note is just there to remind you that you’ve already done it.

wait whAT


someone else said this which is how I know it, but my tumb is being dumb so I can’t search the notes: from what I remember, no this is NOT true. apparently you can glitch the system if you’re clicking rapidly the first time you leave kudos, in which case your name will appear multiple times, but the system will periodically clear those out, which means if you do that you’re actually going to cause the author’s kudos count to go DOWN at some point

the point of a kudos isn’t necessarily meant to be a tallying system that you can drop multiple entries into  but rather a way to give a person a way to passively interact. If you want to interact more, I HIGHLY recommend leaving a comment, even something like “extra kudos :)” or “I wanted to leave extra kudos but got the dang message!” I promise you a little “extra kudos!” comment will go much farther with the author than trying to glitch the AO3 system

Aw boo.

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this is the most surreal most 21st century sentence I’ve ever read


how is angry birds collecting sexual orientation data? how do these birds know im gay

Bro they fuckin snitched on us 

The birds work for the bourgeoisie

The birdgeoisie

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marvel are cowards for not making captain america a disgusting muscle freak

like this

This looks like every muscle fetish drawing I’ve seen

How often do you look at muscle fetish stuff?

I’m not taking questions at this time

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it’s so funny how people get upset that gender is a social construct? EVERYTHING is a social construct??? go ask a frog what day of the fuckin week it is, he doesn’t know

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