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Travis explains capitalism to [REDACTED]

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I’ve been listening to The Adventure Zone: Graduation with a bit of apprehension, because I never managed to like Amnesty (I feel like they forgot to have fun with that one). But so far, it’s been nice! I feel like there’s a lot of exposition on episode 1, but it’s a school setting so I guess it’s a given, you do meet a million new people at the start of a school year. But then, episode 2 has great scenes that made me laugh out loud at work and it’s been a while since TAZ managed that. I mean, the accounting class? Genius. Travis as a DM has been a pleasant surprise, I like his humor. Also I like the dynamic of three useless idiots who spend ten minutes trying to shoo a cat. 

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Ah, it’s too late to post this on Halloween.  But here is a little story about ghosts, and roommates, and roommates who are ghosts.

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A little story about ghosts, and roommates, and getting to know each other.

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do kids these days know about grace kelly by mika


1. i can’t believe there are people in the world who haven’t heard this

2. go check out mika he’s great - important to note is that he’s mlm (he’s come out alternately as being gay, bisexual and ‘not interested in labels’ for a while) and a huge amount of his songs are about being mlm so in particular if ya need good mlm artists check him out

Seriously Mika is a gift and sunshine unto this sick sad world

mika is wildly popular in europe but his north american fanbase is like, six people and a napkin, and it’s killing me. 

ALSO, he came out as bisexual/‘not interested in labels’ like a decade ago, but much more recently he came out as gay, so he’s gay! his latest album, No Place In Heaven, is almost completely about being gay.
it’s got a song abt his sexuality and his religion, a song abt pining for your straight best friend, a song abt the music world that includes the lyrics “where have all the gay guys gone?”, a song abt gay and lesbian solidarity, a song abt heterosexual expectations from family, and two songs that are just abt being super ridiculously in love w your partner.

please listen to Mika’s entire discography because there are a LOT of classics that i’m 100% sure you’ve heard at some point in your life, all the love songs are implicitly gay, it’s great, but ESPECIALLY listen to No Place In Heaven (2015).

it always surprises me to remember that mika isn’t actually a part of the global populace’s general consciousness

because his debut album, life in cartoon motion, was such a huge part of my generation’s tween and teen years

like, i guarantee you, you can walk up to any swedish millennial, and they will still know every single line of his song lollipop

it was just a part of our upbringing;

  • become a crippling anxious mess
  • develop an attitude problem
  • and memorize all of mika’s lollipop

This is so strange for me ‘cause here in Italy Mika has a show on one of the main tv channel

I just love him sooo much ❤❤❤

I just want to point you all to this masterpiece: 

I’m American and he’s so obscure and niche here. Seeing people talk about how much they love him and how everyone around them knew him growing up makes me very happy. His music was honestly such an integral part of growing up for me but most people I meet don’t even know who he is.

Now everyone go listen to Mika immediately

I remember being 16 and dancing to Grace Kelly in my best friend’s living room and screaming the lyrics and just feeling so okay in that moment. Mika is one of my favorite memories of that era in my life

He’s wiiildly known here in France (he’s now a coach for The Voice France btw) and most kids my age when I was a tween/teen knew his songs, if only because they kept playing on every radio (srsly I can’t even imagine that some people have never heard Relax, Take It Easy?????? It was literally EVERYWHERE here, you couldn’t escape it) and it was pretty awesome because his songs are absolutely wonderful and he is a pure ray of sunshine (also getting emo to Happy Ending and By the Time, that was an experience). 

He’s such an important artist who should be recognized outside of Europe too, because besides the fact that his voice is OUT THERE, he’s very vocal about minorities, about who he is, and about celebrating differences; plus his mother is Lebanese, his father is American, he lived in Lebanon, France and the UK in his youth and he speaks fluently six languages he’s a pure example of how being open to the world only makes us grow and makes it a better place 

Please, yes, if you don’t know about him go listen to his songs, you won’t regret it. I kinda want to link all his songs because they’re all different and amazing but the ones above posted by the others are very good to start with and y’know what, I’ll just add one of my faves ‘cause it can brighten one’s day (also look up One Foot Boy pls though)

(Also he made a song with Ariana Grande based on the song Popular from the musical Wicked, how do y’all not know about that?)

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We are sharing some of our favourite gifs each day this month for Antifa International’s fifth anniversary. Today: Nazi monuments being destroyed after the defeat of Nazi Germany.

If this offends you 😊 unfollow me 😊

And a note to confederates: these monuments weren’t kept because this was “history”. These monuments celebrated horrible things and we BLEW THEM UP.

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fuck everything i’m getting general tao


i ate it at work and it gave me a bad bellyache BUT I REGRET NOTHING

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Good Omens stage production, March 2013.

Anthony JlinkinPark Crowley

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Whole damn page full of brainlessness.

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the Star Wars universe is great because you read enough you eventually find out things like the fact that the Stormtrooper whose armor Luke stole in Episode IV was gay and in an affair with fucking Grand Moff Tarkin, which is a completely canonical fact that I am not making up.


this is him, by the way. His name is TK-421, and he is the star of the short story “Of MSE-6 And Men”.  He owns a mouse droid and is in an affair with a superior officer, who turns out to Tarkin.

The next time you watch a New Hope, keep in mind Luke is wearing the armor of a man who knew Tarkin sexually. The armor Luke is wearing when he says the iconic line “I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you” has more than likely been on the floor of Tarkin’s bedroom.

since I’m getting naysayers about this again!

  • The actual officer whom the trooper is in a relationship goes unspecified within the book, and isn’t listed as Tarkin specifically
  • However.
  • The officer is described as; wearing a grey suit, continuously bragging about the strength of the Death Star, and having the highest level of clearance aboard the Death Star, which is how he is able to send secret messages to TK-421
  • At one point the officer says he won’t be interrogating Princess Leia because Darth Vader will be doing it, meaning he’s definitely high enough in the chain of command to know that about Vader
  • At one point the officer jokes he just gave an “explosive” demonstration. The story takes place right around the time Alderaan is blown up. 
  • According to someone on Reddit, the Audible version of the story uses Tarkin’s voice for the officer in question
  • It’s Tarkin. 
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I’ve been trying to leave Rome for a few weeks now, but all their roads have this weird design flaw

Hotelius Californium…

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she let the baby stay in there the whole night and decided to check in the morning lmao

Listen, if baby sleeps through the night hugging a demon, you let them hug the damn demon

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What do christmas trees and Crowley have in common? - There's an angel on top.



what else do christmas trees and crowley have in common?

they pine

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i got my mid-month paycheck and paid all my utilities- and there’s a bunch left? WHAT DID I FORGET TO PAY

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question about online writing

Hey guys, I got an answer from the publisher about my novel and apparently if I translate it myself I can post it online.

So, where do you read online original fiction? I want to know all about the different platforms, free and for profit, the tumblrs and patreons and whattpads and amazons and ao3s.

Do you read original stories online? where did you hear about them? tumblr, twitter, facebook, instagram?

If you’re a writer, what works for you, what doesn’t?

Feel free to answer to this post or message me directly, and reblogs are always appreciated because I need info on this.

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star wars male characters alignment


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Crowley whispering in the ear of anyone posting a recipe online: Yes but what they want to read is YOUR personal story about this meal.

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this happens WAY too often

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I can’t stop thinking about this since I first saw it

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