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Earths mightiest heroes. Pulled us apart like cotton candy.

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he’s trying to use a fucking Tide pen

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Unedited version of the Tony reacting to his parents death, using “Steve” instead of “Rogers”. Steve holds more impact than Rogers due to the magnificence of RDJ’s acting and the aubile breaks in his voice. - ( BTS Civil War )

That expression in the last gif. Damn. Damn

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Elastigirl could, mid-sex, swallow Mr Incredible’s entire body with her pussy.


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Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2019)

Birds of Prey (2020)

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MCU + Complementary Colours

Amber and Violet

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i saw this post earlier about therapists and it reminded me of my old therapist paul, who in my opinion is one of the greatest men alive and who did not put up with my bullshit for even one second

anyway i go in to see paul one week in the summer of 2016, and i’m doing my usual bullshit which consists of me talking shit about myself, and paul is staring at me, and then he cuts me off and says that he’s got a new tool for helping people recognize when they’re using negative language, and gets up and goes over to his desk

and i’m like alright hit me with that sweet sweet self-help article my man, because i’m a linguistic learner and whenever paul’s like here i have a tool for you to use it’s pretty much always an article or a book or something

paul opens a drawer, takes something out, and turns back around. i stare.

i say, paul.

is that a nerf gun.


yeah, says paul.

i say, are you gonna shoot me with a nerf gun in this professional setting.

he happily informs me that that’s really up to me, isn’t it. and sits back down. and gestures, like, go ahead, what were you saying?

and i squint suspiciously and start back up about how i’m having too much anxiety to leave the house to run errands, like it was a miracle to even get here, like i’ve forgone getting groceries for the past week and that’s so stupid, what a stupid issue, i’m an idiot, how could i–

a foam dart hits me in the leg.

i go, hey! because my therapist just shot me in the leg. paul blinks at me placidly and raises an eyebrow. i squint again.

i say, slowly, it’s– not a stupid issue, i’m not stupid, but it’s frustrating me and i don’t want it to be a problem i’m having.

no dart this time. okay. sweet.

so the rest of the hour passes with me intermittently getting nailed with tiny foam darts and then swearing and then fixing my language and, wouldn’t you know it, i start liking myself a little more by the end of the session, which is mildly infuriating because paul can tell and he’s very smug about it 

anyway i leave his office and the lady having the next appointment walks in and i hear what’s all over the floor? and paul very seriously says cognitive behavioral therapy tools.

The “I won’t hesitate, bitch” vine but @ friends who don’t love themselves


Ok but Emile though

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The co-creator of Deadpool criticized Harley’s look in bop

This is what Deadpool looked like in his first comic: 

Like terminator wearing a clown outfit. The hypocrisy… 

is this the same guy who for 4 decades hasn’t learnt how to draw feet

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Harry Styles for Gucci Mémoire dune Odeur
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reblog this and in the tags, write the band that comes to mind first when you think back to being 13 years old

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dir. Anthony and Joe Russo

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The Lion King (1994), dir. Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers

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birds of prey is screened in my cinemas once a day whilst pther dc / marvel movies get screened like 10 times a day. don’t tell me that dc ever wanted this movie to succeed

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#honestly i dont care if its fake

It’s not. It happens every day all around the world.


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You’re right and you should say it.


I just realized I’ve never once heard that Jack Black, John Goodman, Josh Gad, John Favreau, John Candy, John Belushi, Chris Farley, or any of the other fat male celebrities are “promoting obesity.” Not once in my life. That is almost solely reserved for fat woman.

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