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Endgame Thor going through the wormhole to let 2012 Loki catch those big meaty hands? ✔️

Patreon link in bio 😎🤙

The thought of Thor being able to say ‘I know about Thanos’ and how that might change things is so satisfying.

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Big ADHD mood

Big anxiety/depression mood as well

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im feeling generous on this very sunday its time for another round of slavic catposting

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So there’s this seal rehabilitation center I like to watch the livestream of from time to time. This morning was pool cleaning day, the day they weigh the rescue seals and photograph them to keep track of their rehabilitation progress as a sudden change in weight is a serious health indicator among other things. The box helps keep them on the scale as, otherwise, you cannot weigh bouncy boys.

This seal was having NONE OF IT. One of the workers was attempting to get the seal to turn so they could get a photo of its side. (They are not hitting the seal, at most she is giving him a little shove in the direction it needs to turn.) HE DID NOT LIKE BEING TOUCHED WITH THE SQUEEGEE.

He did NOT like his photo being taken!

As soon as they took the box to weigh one of the other seals HE STOLE THE FRIGGIN’ SQUEEGEE!!! 

It’s a pool-cleaning day at the rehab center, and you are an angery seal.

Honestly this is the way I feel about both scales and having my picture taken.

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A Few of My Favorite Russian Proverbs (with their literal translations)






  • Большой секрет — знает весь свет.    Big secret—the whole world knows.
  • Борода не делает философом.  A beard doesn’t make a philosopher.
  • В темноте все кошки серы.  All cats are gray in the dark.
  • В Ту́лу со свои́м самова́ром не е́здят. No one brings a samovar to Tula. (Tula is famous as the city where samovars were manufactured. This is the equivalent of “Don’t bring coal to Newcastle.”)
  • Волко́в боя́ться — в лес не ходи́ть. If you’re afraid of wolves, don’t go to the woods.
  • Говорить правду — потерять дружбу.  Tell the truth—lose friends.
  • Доверя́й, но проверя́й.  Trust, but verify.
  • Долг платежо́м кра́сен.  Debt is beautiful once it’s repaid.
  • Доно́счику — пе́рвый кнут. The informer is whipped first.
  • Друг познаётся в беде́.  You get to know your friend in trouble. (A friend in need is a friend indeed.)
  • Дру́жба дру́жбой, а де́нежкам счёт.  Friendship is friendship, but count money.
  • Знать всё — значит не знать ничего. To know everything is to know nothing.
  • И у стен бывают уши. And even walls have ears.
  • Когда́ де́ньги говоря́т, тогда́ пра́вда молчи́т.  When money talks, truth shuts up.
  • На чужо́м го́ре сча́стья не постро́ишь. One can’t build happiness upon another’s grief.
  • Назва́лся гру́здем — полеза́й в ку́зов. If you called yourself a mushroom—get in the basket. (Sort of like, “don’t just talk the talk—walk the walk.”)
  • Не ошиба́ется тот, кто ничего́ не де́лает. He that does nothing makes no mistakes.

NB: any translation mistakes are mine


Very Important Addition, my favorite

Любовь не картошка, не выбросишь в окошко. LOVE IS NOT A POTATO YOU CANNOT THROW IT OUT A WINDOW (that is, love is not a small thing that is easy to get rid of)


For about TWENTY YEARS I have been wondering why, in the English-translated Chekhov play I read because it was on the summer reading list for my AP English class, someone says with no particularly enlightening context, “Death is not a potato.”


Useful for Renbelle and MFU

I want to cryptically say that something’s not a potato no matter what the conversational subject is. Like, listening to a political discussion, you could nod thoughtfully and go “Politics are not a potato”.

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tl;dr my country is literally on fire and the politicians refuse to help

I know there’s a lot going on in the world, but you probably haven’t heard about what’s happening in Australia.

we’re on fire.


approximately ¼ of australia’s population is in catastrophic fire danger. A catastrophic fire level means your only chance of surviving is leaving before it’s too late.


it’s Spring in Australia, and rainforests aren’t meant to be dry enough to burn, yet at the time of writing this (11/11/19) there are 71 active fires in NSW (43 out of control), and 51 active fires in Queensland - not including those that have already burned before now, and there are more in other states. Sydney is already rated “catastrophic”, the first time this rating has ever been used there since its creation in 2009. That’s right, we had to add yet another level of destructiveness, because “high”, “very high”, “severe”, and “extreme” were no longer adequate. To quote the Fire Danger Ratings, “for your survival, leaving early is the only option”. conditions tomorrow will be the worst they have been, and people are evacuating as we speak. the fire fighters are preparing as best they can.


This isn’t just about people losing their homes; people have died and will die, countless animals have already lost their lives and many more will still perish. our land, our lives, and our hope is up in flames and will soon be nothing but ash. the annual fire season has not even begun yet. this is only the beginning. my native land is burning, and there is nothing i can do to stop it.


the government refuses to acknowledge that we are in a climate crisis. the fires have never been this bad. we have been in severe drought for more than a year which has only contributed to the force of these fires. the Prime Minister Scott Morrison has done nothing but send his “thoughts and prayers”. He will not accept aid from other countries because he is too egotistical to admit that we need it. All the while the people of this land are suffering. Climate change needs radical human change to be combated. we are already seeing the results of years of indifference, and this is barely the beginning of something that will only get worse the longer government’s and big companies refuse to act to counteract climate change.


Our government has also cut funding to Fire and Rescue NSW by 35.4%, the Rural Fire Service by 75.2%, and QLD Rural Fire Service by 26.42%, resulting in closures of services; they don’t have the resources to cope. We are fighting a losing battle against the results of climate change.  and this is only the beginning.

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cocktail of the day: beer
Cocktail des Tages: Bier

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God, I hope I’m adopted.

I have good news for you!

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Luna suggest: wärm

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why do people think humans are the peak of evolution. bears get to eat berries and salmon all the time and sleep half the year. how is that not so much more advanced than working every day until i die!

ay op is right where that witch from brave at i just wanna talk

Bears also eat the bugs and grubs that live under rocks. How strong is your commitment to the ursine lifestyle?

Strong enough. But #notallbears I’d rather be


Ooooo a pick a nic basket please.

Fair enough. I’ll pack some extra pbjs for you the next time I visit Jellystone Park. 

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U2 - Helter Skelter [Rattle and Hum - HD]

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Get a job!!! 🤣

Excuse you, that’s your emotional support puppy. Is hard work looking that cute.

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Honestly I’m a little tired of the abortion discussion centering around child raising and such. Like, if I got pregnant today, and someone offered to adopt the child and pay for my medical bills and everything, I still would have an abortion? You know why? Because I don’t want to be pregnant. I don’t want to put my body through that for nine months. And I don’t want to risk my life in childbirth. Fact is no one will be able to do that for me, so untimately it’s my choice and that’s all there is to it. 

I might lose some followers but this is so important to me. I’m a mother, I’ve been through pregnancy and labor, and friends let me tell you- that shit is HELL. No one should be forced to go through that. Ever. Abortion is a right. Periodt.

I find pregnancy biologically horrifying. I’ve never wanted to be pregnant. Even as a child, I never played house with dolls. My game of pretending to be a grown up involved a briefcase, a convertible, and a pair of black stilettos.

No idea what was in the briefcase, or where I was driving to, but the basic concept didn’t include kids, lol.

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since when did THIS

become sexier than THIS?


fucked up that we don’t make belts with loops for holding blades or pouches for storing coins and bunches of dried herbs anymore

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TIL that child beauty pageants are illegal in France to prevent the hyper-sexualization of young children. Punishment can be up to two years in prison.

via reddit.com

We should adopt this

Yes, we should

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the French are rigth for once.

Can we change “two years in prison” to “public guillotine-ing” when us Americans adopt this law? Please?

Every time I see something like this, I add it to a notepad file I have called ‘Good Ideas From Around The World’

Here’s some others from France:

  • French preschools serve four-course lunches (including a cheese course) to educate them in taste and stimulate their senses.
  • Planned obsolescence is illegal in France; it is a crime to intentionally shorten the lifespan of a product with the aim of making customers replace it. In early 2018, French authorities used this law to investigate reports that Apple deliberately slowed down older iPhones via software updates.
  • There is a law in France stating that models have to provide a doctor’s certificate attesting to their overall physical health, with special regard to their body mass index (BMI)


There’s a lot of problems in France but these are genuinely good ideas that should be implemented everywhere.

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Get you an s/o this ready to help ya


Hes a little confused, but hes got the spirit


Me: “I need some serotonin.”

Husband: Stands up.

Husband: Sits back down.

Hisband: “I didn’t remember what serotonin was until after I stood up so I was deadass about to go get you some.”

Store-bought is fine if you can’t make your own!

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“My husband got involved with a younger woman at work.  I was relaxed about it at first.  He’s thirteen years younger than me, so I thought: ‘Shit happens.’  But then she got pregnant.  Luckily through the divorce process I had the opportunity to take over this shithole place with no heating, which I’ve turned into an art studio. And now I’m living my best life.  Everything is for sale except the pink chandelier and the dog.  Anyone is free to stop by at anytime.  You can eat or drink whatever you want.  All the young people in the neighborhood love me.  I’m the oldest person in our friend group.  Everyone else is in their twenties or thirties.  They call me Queen Mama.  I call them my adopted kids.  I always help them with their school projects and resumes and interviews.  I only ask one thing in return.  Each of them has to teach me one new thing every week: a piece of music, a trend, an idea.  Just so I can stay up to date.  Before you take the photograph, let me go inside and put on some make-up.  We were out until 2 AM last night.”
(Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

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“The winds will blow their own freshness into you,
and the storms their energy,
while cares will drop away from you
like the leaves of Autumn.”
- John Muir.

Photo: Autumn Leaves, Oxford, England.


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