⚖️ anti-violence spell! ⚖️


in light of recent events, I felt extremely compelled to make a simple, affordable skill that all of y’all witches can do. this is a binding spell with the intent of preventing a certain person or a group of people from preventing violent acts.  the more people who perform this spell, the more powerful the effect.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m fucking tired of gun violence and all of the horrific events on the news. so, please reblog & like & and try to make this magic happen. 

what you’ll need:

- 1 mason jar

- a piece of paper

- a black pen

- water

- black ribbon/string

- a black votive/tea light candle (optional) 

✨ start by writing the name of  the person/type of people who’s actions you’re targeting. in this scenario, you could write something along the lines of “anyone who is planning, attempting, or thinking about enacting harm through gun violence” or “anyone considering carrying out a violent attack”. get as in-depth as you’d like!

✨fold the piece of paper until it’s small enough to fit into the jar. while folding the paper, make sure you’re focusing your intention and visualizing the kind of people that you want the spell to target. when you’re ready, place the paper in the jar.

✨pour the water to the top of the jar while repeating these words aloud or in your mind:

“may your power be drowned and your violence extinguished.”

put the lid on the jar and tie the black ribbon around the mouth of the jar while repeating: 

“I now bind and immobilize your power completely.”

✨take as long as you need to charge the jar with your intention. when you’re ready, place the entire jar in your freezer to represent the ‘freezing’ of your targets violence. as long as the water in the jar is frozen, the binding is in effect! 

don’t have a working freezer? have nosy roommates or family members who might disturb your spell jar?

✨ follow all of the same steps but, instead of putting it in the freezer, melt the black candle over the lid of the jar to solidify the intent!


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