The Seventh House - The House of Partnership

This is the seventh part of a twelve part series briefly explaining how the signs work in each house. Enjoy! 

The Seventh House ruled by Libra and Venus is known as The House of Partnership. If you’re wondering if there is an opposite to your Ascendant, look no further, it is your Descendant. The ascendant is the exterior self that we put out unto others, whilst the Descendant is the outer exterior of life that we attract. The people we draw in. It is the beginning of the southern portion of your birth chart. Marking a halfway point, hence the sharing of the axis with your Ascendant. Which is why it is tied to forming unions, coming together, and creating a bond with someone to complete a purpose. Here we are looking for our other half in life. We have done all our soul searching and now want to enjoy our rewards and create something bigger with someone else. It is when we are ready for marriage in life or to get serious with someone to take the next steps in life together. Unions are made whether they be romantic or business. It is the type of relationship that needs investment and time in order to thrive. In the Seventh House we are attempting to attract what makes us feel secure and safe, and how we go about locking down what we want for our future and with who. When things go well, these unions become prosperous and we achieve what we set ourselves out to do. When things take a turn for the worse we see the dark side of this partnership: divorce, getting married for the wrong reasons, lawsuits, treaties, creation of enemies, etc. It is important that when we tap into this house we attempt to invest with our best collaborators so as to see the full potential of what type of partnerships we can have. Libra and Venus rule this house, as we know Venus is the Goddess of Love and Libra is all about peace, harmony, and codependency, which are all traits that a relationship needs in order to succeed. Overall, when we begin our search to relate to others we do it so that we may become members of humankind and bring purpose into our foundations. 

In matters of love, the descendant is usually used to see what kind of people you attract and you will notice that it is the opposite sign of your rising sign. For example, I am a Cancer Rising, so my descendant would be Capricorn, so I tend to go for Capricorn type people when I date. I am an Aquarius Sun/Sagittarius Moon, Aquarius Mars/Venus, yet I tend to attract earth/water sign men and for the longest time I could not understand why. I now realize it has to do with my Cancer/Capricorn combo at play. This means that my Cancer Rising is calling the shots when I am looking for security in relationships, because I am looking for someone to protect my first house with their Capricorn traits. Let me know if you guys agree or what experiences you have to this house! 

To conclude, “The First House is the seed point of self awareness, and the seventh house is the seed point of the awareness of others.”  (Astrology Club) 

Aries in the Seventh House: This partner is as you’d expect it, a more playful, angry type. It’s the kind of partnership that brings in a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and energy. The relationships tend to be impulsive and not well thought out. Because of this, you struggle with the idea that your choices may be bad for you so you have a hard time dealing with conflicts and trying to make things better with your partner. You need to set boundaries in order to see the relationship for what it really is otherwise things will continue to be chaos.  The type of person who understands you will be able to keep up and carry the same strength and liveliness as you. They will be reactive to your actions, which is what you will love. Be weary of doing too much or too little in this partnership. Sometimes you fail to sit back and let things unfold and would rather take action thus resulting in people feeling like they can’t do things for themselves. Take the usual thought of “Me” and “I” and change it to “We” by putting your partner first and saying “after you.” If you learn to balance your passionate energy and direct it, you will see how much you can really bring to your partnership and not just yourself. In love, you may marry quickly and find love at a very young age, you can thank your Libra Rising charm for that. 

Taurus in the Seventh House: The other side of Venus, Taurus represents what is practical, earthly beauty, and the simple fine things in life. In contrast, Libra represents outer beauty, makeup, vanity, and pose. For this placement to work fully, it needs to balance both these energies for harmony. Otherwise there is a conflict of envy and feelings of not being “pretty” enough. The type of partnership meant for you must consist of sensual, physical contact, and intimacy. You also need someone to be serious because you enjoy a private life and wish to have someone protect that. Your partner also needs to bring stability and financial security to your life, as any Taurus, since you do love your material wealth. Taking things slow is your forte and you need a partner who is going to understand that, this will usually be annoying to most people, so be sure to communicate this in any relationship that you wish to invest in. Like Aries, you struggle with the doing too most factor or doing too less. Balance is key so don’t expect too much from your partner, and vice versa. Once you are able to acquire the mindset “what can I give?” instead of “what can I get?” you will learn to be a better Taurus partner.

Gemini in the Seventh House: The ever so intellectual and stimulating Gemini is drawn to partners that keep them entertained and give them all the mental connection they can get. However, since this is the house of partnership, be weary of having solely mental connections, when more philosophical ones are needed. Communication with your partner is key so that they are aware of your sensitivities and you don’t always appear cold or detached. Usually you’ll find yourself in social gatherings and meet tons of people, but never really form intimate bonds with anyone. Because of this you pursue/attract people that are younger since you like to be a teacher to them, which in turn feeds your soul. But in the house of partnership we can’t only be thinking of the self and what stimulates us, we have to be compassionate, understanding, and philosophical with someone else. You may go through multiple partnerships/marriages because you spontaneously enter unions and overthink yourself into oblivion. Just like you do people, you jump from project to project, which can frustrate any person that you are with since they never really know what’s going on in your mind. There’s nothing wrong with thinking of a million ways to do something, but for the sake of this union, it’s important that you are able to communicate and soften your mindset.

Cancer in the Seventh House: The influence of family is the heaviest in this placement. This can bring about limitations in the growth needed for an individual to be ready to provide for their partner. You will need to learn to form your own personal goals so that you may define your ego + personality without the shadow of your family. A functioning relationship for you consists of tenderness, emotion, intimacy, and a healthy family life. You are emotional,  sensitive, and need someone to nurture this part of you. However, in a negative light, your desire for such traits can lead to possessiveness and a lack of confidence, which are not healthy. The need for emotional harmony can sometimes lead to the destruction of your union since there is no balance, just neuroticism and intense emotions. Without even thinking, you might be finding yourself with people that can recreate a mother role, or vice versa, where you reenact the mother role. When you are able to separate the fine line between caring about someone and drowning in your need for them, you will see that you can offer close, personal emotions that are at the center of the connection with your loved one. 

Leo in the Seventh House: Known for your leadership qualities it is important to note that although you may be the bossy one in other aspects of your life, you actually let your partner take control of what goes on in your partnership. The reason for this is because your partner is a reflection of who you actually are inside, but your partner projects that outwardly in the relationship. Sometimes your partner may also be the star and attracts the attention, but you enjoy to see this and watch from their shadow. It makes you happy that your partner gets all this attention but belong to you. However, a happy union is one where both partners get the spotlight, not just one. You may not know it, but you need attention all the same, and can fall into a depression if you don’t receive it. If you’re wondering why you have strong enemies in your life, this placement may be why. The Leo qualities that you project may be bossy and not thinking of others which can be the reason that causes enemies. Your enemies are strong minded just like you but you will learn that with enthusiasm and energy, you can fight them off and get them to understand where you’re coming from. You want your partner to obey your rules, but you may struggle obeying theirs. Again, a happy matrimony will be of one where you both agree to listen to each other. There can be a tension of power play in this partnership, be weary. All you really want in life is romance and a candlelit dinner, make it known. 

Virgo in the Seventh House: There is a lot of criticism in the way you attract a partnership. You want them to give you what you want, often losing sight that they too have emotions and thoughts. You want your partner to bring to the table what you lack, and vice versa. Negatively, you strive for perfection which in turn affects your happiness. You care about practicality, certainty, and won’t make a move unless you are certain of the outcome. Like Gemini, your partner must stimulate your mind and keep you thinking. Because of this, your relationships are not the most emotional or sincere. Your partner might think the union is cool and dry, and don’t really know your where your heart is at. You spend a lot of time criticizing your partner, or they may be doing that to you, whatever the case it comes off demanding and ambiguous. This may be why you suffer in relationships. In the marriage department, you might have to go through a few trial and errors to get it right. By the second marriage you have more chances of being successful since you have more time to mature. Learn to give without expecting anything in return. Be realistic of high expectations and cut your partner some slack, you must be putting in the work as well. In this placement, we can no longer be selfish and have to think of our partner and how to make a union work. 

Libra in the Seventh House: This placement is in Its natural house, where Venus rules the seventh house, Libra is comfortable. In relationships, you take your time with choosing the best partner for you. What this person must bring is an attitude that tells you they are going to put the relationship above all else. This can have its negative and positive sides. You are likely to be more of a receiver than a giver here, hoping that your partner puts in most of the work. Be careful about this trait because you make it seem like you only care about yourself in this partnership. You tend to rely more on your partner’s support than they do on you, which can make your partner feel neglected. There can be issues of your partner feeling like their identity is being lost because they are catering to you most of the time. From the get go, your need for a relationship is established and hence why you are committed to finding a partnership. The right union for you is one of harmony and balance because you care about a partnership that can come to a middle ground. It’s all about keeping the peace here. In matters of business or at work, people are drawn to your naturally charming and energetic personality, but it is this same personality that tends to get taken advantage of.

Scorpio in the Seventh House: As always, Scorpio brings about deep, intense, powerful, and profoundly intimate partnerships. They can either kill you or bring you to life. Because of how passionate you come off and want your relationships to be, you might scare away those who are not able to handle such strong intimacy. Or flip the roles, and it’s you who might not be able to handle such a relationship. The traits of this placement bring about possessiveness and jealousy because of how obsessive you can be in your partnerships. However, this is a house of spirituality and union rather than just the self, so learning to let go of such obsessiveness is needed in order for your relationships to thrive. Once you are able to accept your weaknesses, you are able to accept everyone else’s which in turn makes you stronger. Intimacy for you is very serious and you will not become intimate unless you are sure the other person is serious about you too. Usually you care about your personal security and how your partner can make you feel safe, but here you must learn to acquire a security for all of life. Your partners will be magnetic, powerful, extremely passionate but this invites jealousy and darker more mysterious types as well. If betrayal happens in your partnerships, the result will be one of revenge and bitterness.

Sagittarius in the Seventh House: Free as the archer is, in a partnership you need your freedom In order to thrive. It is important for your partner to have a life of their own, completely independent of yours. If you are able to find such a person then this is who you will surely commit to. Clingy types that need your full devotion and attention will struggle with being happy because you will not be able to satisfy those who are codependent. When you do find the right person you will go out of your way to keep the relationship fun and exciting. Through adventure and travel is how you ultimately want to express your love. Anyone who is up for the journey will ensure a long lasting union. You are very curious and expressive of how you feel and think so you are interested in many subjects and people from all over the world. You always want to learn and have a thirst for knowledge so you like to learn from people storytelling their experiences. You may find yourself running from one experience to another, learning, and escaping to cope, but in this placement we must find a union within ourself and the world. If you think you are restless in your search for love, stop and take a breath, and try to figure out who is down for you to get to know you and your quirks. It will take another type of odd, open minded person to fully understand you, so if you haven’t found that yet, it’s only because you have not crossed paths with anyone like that yet. Rare people are hard to find.

Capricorn in the Seventh House: Success is sexy! You tend to attract partners that pretty much have their shit together. You are inspired by these types. The material and financial comfort that they have gained for themselves is something you want to be a part of because it makes you feel safe. Whether they provide it for you or you are inspired to achieve the same, this is the type of partnership you ultimately want. Knowing that your partner is FULLY taken care of, is 10/10 for you. If your partner can’t provide for you, what’s the point? However, you are not a gold digger. If anything, you want to know they can provide for you because you want to do the same for them. On a positive note, if both partners work hard, this will be a lasting union. However, if one does more providing than the other, than the relationship may have its faults and miscommunication. Problems of not being enough or feeling unsatisfied will emerge. Because of this, you are very picky and take your time committing to anyone because they have to be the ultimate package. If they don’t have everything you want, you will not pursue it. Those who do fancy you, you will find that you are stuck on them hoping for them to tie you down. This union is of patience, understanding, and stability. Very straightforward you see marriage as a coming together to help build an empire of sorts, such as marrying for status or wealth. Feelings of love may come second so it is important to express words of love to your significant other as to not make the relationship feel purely materialistic.

Aquarius in the Seventh House: The lucky fellow who captures your heart will earn your extraordinary loyalty. You demand a lot from a relationship, in terms of freedom and the space to roam as you please. In a positive union, your partner will also share these qualities. Huge know it alls you tend to project your superiority complex in your partnership and home. This makes you feel secure because you like to feel as if you have things under control. Perhaps you will find your partner through working for humanitarian groups since you tend to attract those that are fighting for a cause. Coming together with one other person may be hard for you because you are so independent and think for the world, not just for you and your partner. Be aware of how you may make your partner feel as though there is no passion outside of a group setting. You also have to be able to alone with them and connect with them on a higher level. You can’t be friends with your partner, well you can, but they have to mean more to you than just friends for this partnership to work. Once you are able to find the person who balances your need for freedom and power, you will reward them with your undying loyalty. Also be careful of your Leo tendencies to dominate your loved ones because if you’re attracting those with Aquarius qualities, they also value their freedom and independence, so give them the chance to be their own person and not someone under your rule. Overall, this union will be eccentric, unconventional, and exciting if your partner is willing to experiment with all the quirks and kinks you have to offer. Your partner will exude qualities of being a visionary, genius, and an intellectual. Try not to possess them and trust that they are yours without you having to demand for their attention! 

Pisces in the Seventh House: Spirituality, compassion, and empathy are important to you. You may not possess these traits as much as you’d like so you may go looking for them in someone else. Partners that you attract may need to be nurtured in a way that makes you feel useful. You want someone that supports your imaginative type so you may not go for rational, practical types in fear of them shooting down your dreamy ideas. In a negative aspect, you and your partner may find themselves a bit removed from reality with no one to tell you guys to come back to the surface. This can be toxic so be weary of letting this type of behavior consume you. A partnership that works for you consists of being able to be spiritual and compassionate of each other while also aiming towards practicality and seeing things for what they really are. For you having a partner is very important and ultimately the only thing you find necessary in life. Once you find your soulmate you tend to give yourself to them which can lead to vulnerability, deceit, and mysteriousness, so be clear of what you want and try not to let yourself get taken advantage of. However, you might not even realize that you are getting taken advantage of because you see nothing wrong with helping out a loved one. Your partner may have deep rooted issues that you want to fix, but you can’t, they are just manipulating you for their well being. SNAP OUT OF IT and find yourself someone who truly values you and not someone who needs you.

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