Chapter 13: Agent of Chaos


The fun continues…now with gunfire!

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Texts from Sebastian trickled in, interrupting the flow of work… each time, Jim made an irritated, impatient sound.

Hah. Clever. Adorable.

And terribly bold for an employee, regardless of yesterday’s activities… there was a flash of an image through his mind - strawberry trifle cream and Jim spread out on the carpet, with Sebastian crouching over him… Jesus… stop.

Jim squelched the image quickly, but not before starting to go hard. Fuck’s sake…

He glared at his phone, and sent a reply.

Awfully cocky, aren’t you! Now piss off, Tiger. Your employer is working.

He went to throw his phone back on the table, then remembered… Damn. The wound he had gifted Sebastian with would need to be checked and the dressings changed. And he had said he’d take care of it himself… but he wasn’t about to show up at his flat with bandages, was he? Idly he imagined Sebastian opening his door to find Jim wearing a white coat, black boots, and nothing underneath…

Then felt his breathing quicken as the Sebastian of his imagination yanked him inside, kicked the door shut, and started peeling him out of his coat.




‘God, what a day - and only just monday’ XD

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