Socks has been having accidents. I’ve noticed places where she just emptied her bowels or bladder on the spot instead of going to her litter box. I’m already hurting for money and now I need to bring her in for a check-up and, depending on how that goes, further care.

So as to not get the funds confused with my GoFundMe, people wishing to donate strictly for Socks’s medical care should donate to my Paypal, I will only use those funds for Socks.

Please help my precious baby.

I’m sorry to hear Socks isn’t doing well 😕 it’s not the same as financial support, but this website has some tips about bringing your kitty to the vet and some questions to think about the more information you can give the dr about her habits the faster they can figure out the problem which means less visits and less trial and error with medications, which will ultimately lead to spending less money. Vets may know cat anatomy and medicine, but only you know Socks! How long have you noticed this? Has she even done this in the past? Where is she going? How is her mobility? Does she ever hesitate to jump or use stairs? How often is the litter box scooped? What food is she on, have there been changes to it? These are just a few things to think about. I hope everything goes well and Socks can go back to being a healthy smol bean!! (Also does that chair she’s on recline? Because I’m pretty sure I have the same one)

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