“So this next song that we’re going to do is one that is about how maybe in our lives if we’ve ever been let down or things haven’t turned out the way that we wanted them to in relationships, how oftentimes we then kind of have this sort of phantom fear of like, tragedy. Of phantom tragedy, where you’re like, if you ever find something really great, or a situation that is solid, or a situation where your trust isn’t being broken, sometimes you have to deal with your demons from all those times that it didn’t work and you have to kind of stop yourself from thinking that the worst is always going to happen. And this is a song that kind of touches on, you know, anxiety, and just how to break patterns and cycles that aren’t healthy. Because we learn a lot in life, and some of the lessons are good and some of the habits are good and some of the habits are bad. And so it’s a song basically about having to unlearn some bad lessons that you learned in the past. This one is called The Archer.”

— Taylor introducing The Archer in the BBC Radio One Live Lounge

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