you’ve heard of sugar, spice and everything nice

now get ready for…

Dominant Function

Fe - an insatiable thirst for attention

Se - party rock

Ne - an overwhelming surplus of diggity

Te - sadism

Fi - self-loathing

Si - that summertime, fall, wintertime, springtime sadness

Ni - the inevitable and irreversible heat death of the universe

Ti - nihilism

Auxiliary Function

Fe - codependent relationships

Se - the aesthetic

Ne - a fair amount of diggity

Te - strategy games

Fi - tarot cards

Si - terms and conditions

Ni - vision boards

Ti - constantly hurting people’s feelings

Tertiary Function

Fe - social manipulation

Se - the finer things in life

Ne - hardly any diggity

Te - bitchin

Fi - tragic backstory

Si - obscure obsessions

Ni - freakishly accurate hunches

Ti - some common sense

Inferior Function

Fe - moral flexibility

Se - unexplained bruises

Ne - no diggity

Te - angry crying

Fi - corporate slavory

Si - chaos

Ni - dystopian nightmares 

Ti - drama

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