What will you find if you search each MBTI type on Tumblr: Rationals



- “It’s not that I hate people but i don’t want to socialize” posts.

- Weird anecdotes that happened to them because of being thinking on some theories or strange ideas.

- “I’m a robot tell me what to do with feelings” posts.


- “I do hate people and I won’t socialize with idiots” posts.

- Suspicios-about-society posts.

- Villians typed as INTJ and “Stop stereotyping us as villians” posts alternating almost passive-agressively.


- ENTJ’s interactions and conversations with other types.

- ENTJ characters.

- Stuff about cognitive functions.


- “Lol, I’m a lazy procastinator but also a genius”.

- Confused ENTPs asking to themselves and to everybody if they really are ENTPs or any other random type.

- “Look I’m an ENTP, I’m so crazy and random but also they call me rational, how can I be so cool” posts.

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