One year ago we posted the first chapter of Roses and Tequila for Santa Muerte - FUCK YOU, You Little Shit, because though our boys are incredibly romantic, they also drive each other up the wall sometimes. 

Featuring a Death Saint who manages to stir their black, black hearts just a little bit, a near shooting, a baneful phonecall, stripping in biker gear, the Day of Domination, and a beautiful dark faerie tale.

I love this fic <3

With @greenfaeriefeverdream

“Sacred accomplice of the underworld, beloved death in my heart, protect my crazy life.”

Art: Mexican Mob

How I’ve missed writing about Our Lady of Holy Death, Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte! 

So much so, that I found myself writing just yesterday in the Symbiotic Criminal Psychopath series that Sebastian suggests bringing roses and tequila for Santa Muerte, only to discover later that it was the mormorversary of posting the first chapter of… Roses and Tequila for Santa Muerte. 

So that was delightfully unsettling and synchronous, but it was so good to remember Book 5 of the series. So much delicious divine darkness in this tale… I can only echo the words of my feline associate: I love this fic.  

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