Chapter 14: Impress Me, Darling

More gunfire, and then a quick stop for ice cream before the return to the Deep Dark Woods… 

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Jim heard quiet footfalls and the door swishing closed. He smiled, still sitting and facing the window.

“Sebastian,” he said lazily. “What a pleasant surprise… Help yourself to a whisky - on the table.”

He took a sip of his own. “At the end of a work day, I’m more likely to pour a nice Riesling, but this has a certain enjoyable - heat.”

He heard Sebastian pour himself a glass, and stood up - still staring out the window.

“First day back together since our little entanglement…” he mused. “I’d say it went well. Steve aside, I don’t think anyone suspected. Business as usual, no?”

He turned to look at Sebastian, his eyes glittering. Putting down his glass, he walked over to Sebastian, and looked him up and down.

“A very successful deception,” he purred. “Who would suspect the terrible things we did…” He leaned closer, breathing in his scent. “The terrible things we’ll do,” he whispered. He plucked the glass out of Sebastian’s hand, and put it down on the table. Then he opened up his arms, smiling fiercely.

“Go on, then…” he purred. “Give your boss a little kiss hello…”

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