Chapter Twenty: Let It Bleed

“… I must admit I haven’t given it any thought so far. It’s all been such a whirlwind…

Yes, lots more getting to know each other… I want to explore every inch of that beautiful body… I want you to use me whenever you want however you want… there is nothing in the world that’s hotter…

As to other stuff - well, we are in Vegas, and I do like gambling, so let’s go wild on the town one night?

And you mentioned going into the desert… we could rent a car and drive out and look at the stars. There are so many more in the desert than you ever think possible while you’re in London…

What about you? Did you think of anything?”

I kiss the top of your head, take the cigarette back.

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Our boys on their honeymoon… they do not disappoint. ;)

And also… foreshadowing I totally forgot about… :O

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