Journal Prompt Ideas


  • A phrase/poem in as many languages as possible
  • nail polish swabs
  • describe a specific place without giving away where that place is
  • dedicate a page to one object/thing/person (dogs, eyes, flowers, etc.)
  • confess something 
  • recreate a famous piece of art in your own way
  • make a page for every funny quote a friend says
  • If __________ blank were a person (can be anything: flowers, months, books, colors, etc.)
  • write a story with your left hand
  • fill a page with different fonts
  • fill a page with a song (lyrics, symbols, music notes, whatever)
  • make color palettes and name them
  • write down everything you can remember about a person
  • ways to say I love you
  • wrappers of favorite candies
  • blackout poetry 
  • write an interesting conversation with no indicators of emotion
  • describes someones eyes without using colors or the word “color”
  • interview yourself
  • interview a stuffed animal
  • record every nice thing someone says about you
  • write a letter to someone
  • describe a friend (and draw them!)
  • Make a list of songs from your childhood that you still like
  • try a wreck this journal prompt
  • sew a design into your pages
  • sew a piece of fabric into your pages
  • bullet your whole day
  • put music on shuffle and write everything you associate with that song while the song plays. move on to the next song as soon as the first one ends
  • write all the lyrics to a song without listening to it or looking it up
  • write gibberish in a pen that smudges a lot
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