MBTI Types as Buzzfeed Quizzes


ESFJ: Tell Us What You Want And We’ll Tell You What You Really Want

ESFP: Put On Some Makeup And We’ll Tell You What Kind Of Movie You’d Star In

ESTJ: Pick Some Seasonal Things And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Season

ESTP: Design An Extra AF Mansion And We’ll Tell You How You’ll Die

ENFJ: Buy Some New Clothes And We’ll Reveal Which 2018 Concert Tour You Should Buy Tickets For

ENFP: Eat Some Desserts And We’ll Give You A Hot Dude To Marry

ENTJ: Create A Makeup Look And We’ll Tell You What Job Matches Your Personality

ENTP: The Clothes You Pick Will Reveal Which Ex-Disney Star You’re Most Like

ISFJ: Everyone Has A Chocolate Bar That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

ISFP: Pick A Rainbow Of Gems And We’ll Reveal Your True Birthstone

ISTJ: Your Choice Of Baked Goods Will Reveal Your Biggest Pet Peeve

ISTP: Build Your Dream House And We’ll Tell You What Your Family Will Look Like Five Years From Now

INFJ: Create A Movie And We’ll Give You A Netflix Original Series To Watch

INFP: How Old Is Your Soul Based On The Pint Of Ice Cream You Make?

INTJ: Tell Us Your Food Preferences And We’ll Reveal Which Vegetable Matches Your Personality

INTP: Make 18 Difficult Decisions And We’ll Reveal Your Most Polarizing Quality

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