MBTI types as Christmas things


ESFJ - Family gatherings
ESTJ - Wearing that killer outfit at the party
ISFJ - Baking for all the family
ISTJ - Buying giftcards

ESFP - Rocking the karaoke with Christmas songs
ESTP - Getting drunk with friends
ISFP - Watching Christmas movies
ISTP - Making a gingerbread house

ENFJ - Finding the best gifts for everyone
ENFP - Giving original gifts no one truly likes but that come from the heart
INFJ - Reminding people that the true meaning of Christmas is love
INFP - Kissing under the mistletoe

ENTJ - Office parties
ENTP - Wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater
INTJ - Starring at the lighted up Christmas tree in the dark
INTP - Reading by the window while it’s snowing outside

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