MBTI types as things that RUINED my childhood


ENFJ: Animatronic flowers

ENFP: The Jungle Book (movie)

ENTJ: Ice cream trucks

ENTP: An obscure TV show about a cow who likes to read

ESFJ: Dora

ESFP: Face tattoos

ESTJ: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

ESTP: The beach

INFJ: Toy Story

INFP: The phrase “I love you”

INTJ: The names “Stacie” and “Thea” (they were my OCD therapists who forced me to face my triggers)

INTP: Home Alone

ISFJ: Being hugged

ISFP: The electronic toys my kindergarten supply teacher brought in

ISTJ: Whistling of any type

ISTP: A talking Bob The Builder vehicle toy that some kid I didn’t know used in the sandbox at the local park (F*CK YOU, KID)

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