The basis of the first part of this post is that perceivers are most content when they can do stuff whenever they feel like doing them. The idea is therefore to trick your mind into thinking you feel like doing it instead of it being forced. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Change the To Do title to Would Like To Do/Could Do/May Do or something along those lines, whatever you heart desires
Though this doesn’t particularly work for me it could for you so I threw it in there. It’s pretty self explanatory - it helps you perceive the tasks as if they’re desired instead of demanded.

2. Switch location (and keep switching it)
As long at the place you’re doing the task at is giving you that feeling of novelty that makes you a little bit excited, that’s great. Once it gets too familiar, however, switch it. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change, it just has to be a different place - e.g. a different room, a different table at a library, the opposite side of the table that gives you a slightly different view, different cafe… I wouldn’t change the location until it feels too familiar though because this nevertheless is about keeping the interest higher while still primarily focusing on the task.

3. Work when you otherwise wouldn’t
I sometimes wake up at 5 am to study for an hour and a half before I head to school. This is not because I’d enjoy waking up early since I generally love staying up pretty late but because if you decide to do something at a time that’s unusual for you, you’ll probably feel ahead of the game and as if you have your life put together. It’s literally just about putting yourself in the mood for being productive.

4. Play pretend
Actually getting ready, dressing into professional clothes or something cozy yet still put together and everything that goes along with that doesn’t only make you appear like you’re a productive and organised individual, it also makes you feel that way which will likely boost your motivation.

However, you’re still a perceiver, so… How to not go crazy:

5. Schedule the “no schedule” time
Make it long enough so it actually feels like you have some time without any limitations regarding what to do and when to do it. This is especially important when you have hectic schedules. It may seem inconvenient and as if you’re wasting your time if you do that during the hectic week but if you keep following insane schedules for too long you’ll eventually burn out and end up throwing away even more time. Make it possible so that one afternoon or whichever long enough part of the day in the midst of all the crazy days you’ll have nothing scheduled.

6. Don’t plan, visualise 
Visualising allows you to imagine how you could spend your time in the future. This doesn’t put on the pressure to follow a strict schedule but it still makes you loosely determine what should be done the next day and when approximately. For me writing down a To Do list can be somewhat cool as long as I make it visually appealing but following it is a huge motivation drainer. So if I know that there are things that have to be done that already demand much attention and focus (e.g. studying), I avoid writing anything down, I stick to just having a loose schedule in my head.

7. The general rule
When there are things scheduled for you, do not overschedule in the free time that’s left for you. When there’s little to nothing scheduled for you, schedule stuff for yourself to stay productive but only make 1 or 2 things per day strict. And not long. Add other stuff on the go.

8. Understand when you can work for a short time and when you just have to keep going to finish whatever you have to do 
Generally perceivers handle quicker and shorter tasks much easierly than the lengthy ones but sometimes you cannot avoid the long study sessions unless you planned ahead to avoid studying one day before the exam… but that’s less likely I’d say. Some people suggest to take breaks but beware of falling into a void of distractions and end up searching up for like an hour (or more) some random things that suddenly become so interesting. Once you stop doing the boring task and allow yourself to do something more fun you have to trick yourself into following a schedule all over again and that’s a pain. If I know I have a very focus-oriented busy day ahead of me I’ll prepare mentally the day before and just try to make the best of it, avoiding the breaks as much as possible.

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