Enneagram 1´s defense is meticulousness. Nobody can pick apart a person who will dissect the aggressor more.

Enneagram 2´s defense is self-sacrifice. Nobody can hurt a person who hurts themselves already.

Enneagram 3´s defense is their status. Nobody can ruin a reputation of someone who will ascend tenfold through humiliation. 

Enneagram 4´s defense is originality. Nobody can insult someone who will always come up with a better insult that destroys their aggressor´s core. 

Enneagram 5´s defense is aloofness. Nobody can ostracize a person who is already an outsider. 

Enneagram 6´s defense is their rationality. Nobody can disrupt someone whose deepest emotions are intellectualized.

Enneagram 7´s defense is versatility. Nobody can hold onto a person who slips away - the more pressure is applied - like a bar of soap.

Enneagram 8´s defense is offense. Nobody can beat a person when they have been preemptively beaten. 

Enneagram 9´s defense is understanding. Nobody can hurt a person who knows pain. 

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