“Tragic how he died. I remember the last time I saw him alive, when he was begging me to spare him–”


 "Tragic indeed.“ Jim watched the other man, looking carefully unimpressed. It wasn’t the first time someone killed one of his men to get to him, nor it would be the last, but the name Jackson Lyle had been running around the nets of his web incessantly, spreading like a disease, to the point that all the killing and torturing were becoming less endearingly interesting and more annoying, like Jackson thought he would be stupid enough to allow other people to poke him around with a stick.

He wouldn’t.

"Personally, I love it when they beg. It’s just cute, isn’t it?” He sang, eyes sparkling a little with unhidden cruelty. “All the ‘daddy no’s and the 'daddy please’s. Althought - I do believe those might come too close to the heart for you, considering your…Daddy issues.”


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