Don’t just feel awful

If you feel extra depressed/anxious while on/before/after your period, DON’T JUST IGNORE IT! Tell your doctor, and they can:

A. Get you on a higher dose of medicine whenever your mental health gets worse (for me it’s the week leading up, but it can happen during or after cause hormones are garbage) to see if that will help keep you more normal

B. Recommend you to a women’s clinic or straight up provide you with some birth control to see if that will help

C. Try something I don’t know about because A works really well for me, even though my drug of choice takes 2 weeks to start working, upping the dose for a week will work THAT WEEK and it makes my entire month better to not have to just let my mental health deteriorate over one week

You should never just let yourself suffer because of something “natural”. Your mental illness is natural, and you take drugs like you wear glasses, to make it better. If your eyesight gets worse at night, you might get readers or special lights, so don’t let your mental health deteriorate just because it’s “normal” to be extra emotional.

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