Yes, breakfast is important, but so are lunch and dinner and snacks. Not eating can make you sick. If you haven’t eaten for so long that you feel nauseous, start with water and crackers, then build up to actual food with fiber, CARBS, and protein. Carbs are important because they are your body’s direct energy. Protein is important because it’s tomorrow’s energy and helps build muscle. Fiber is like all that cleansing water, but it helps clear solids from your system and put your digestive system back on the right track.

Make a whole lot of extra noodle sauce and use it for the rest of the week. It can taste better the second or third time you eat it and it makes cooking a whole lot easier.

If you’re not willing/able to make food because of your mental health, Little Cesar’s has cheap, decent pizza. If you need to order delivery, dominos website makes it so you barely have to interact with another human.

Just because you’re not yourself doesn’t mean you should skip meals, and it’s very important to feed your body, so that you’re not sick when you’re back to being yourself. Food is always worth it.

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