Types of people - weapons


Requested by @uni-v-blackwell

Katana - has strict routines, very protective, distinctive appearance, mysterious on purpose, surprisingly modest, will wear the same 3 outfits on repeat, very good at anything they attempt, always trying to improve themselves, quiet, quick thinking, the moment of silence you take to calm yourself down

Crossbow - scary as fuck, got some questionable hobbies, can sneak up on you with unsettling ease, either really tall or really short, very patient, knows everything about everyone, chilling in silent forests, really lazy unless they actually care, will eat anything

Stiletto Knives - badass, perfectly done dramatic makeup, will stab you if you cross them, walks like they own the floor, designer everything, too many secrets, got a long line of exes, underestimate at your own risk, a laugh that sends shudders, the epitome of a power move

Machete - the loudest person in the room, what does casual mean?, doesn’t think about consequences, the bad kinda impulsive, self-satisfied smirks, getting sloppy drunk, dangerous, ridiculously strong, will start a riot, not a fan of authority figures, the thrill of doing something stupid

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