Ni-dom Culture

- “oh sh*t it’s midnight!”

- maladaptive daydreaming

- running into things on a daily basis

- nicking yourself while shaving bc you were too busy thinking about the inevitable doom of the universe to be careful with the razor

- saying things like “at least we won’t be around when the sun dies” in casual conversations

- getting vibes™️ from EVERYONE & EVERYTHING (i.e. “that plant is happy”)

- occasionally being in awe of the physical world around you

- ignoring the physical world around you 90% of the time

- not understanding why gossiping is a thing

- restarting a song 5 times in a row bc you keep zoning out too much to fully appreciate it

- “Where are my keys?”

- annoyingly random dissociative episodes

- feeling like you’re insane at least 50% of the time

- thinking you’ve come up with a great joke & then being internally crushed when nobody laughs at it

- making connections that other people raise their eyebrows at

- saying or thinking “everything is connected” at least 10 times a day

- “The world is amazing!”

*10 minutes later*:

“The world is awful!”

- “What is the point of existence?” (aka existential crisis 24/7)

- staying in your mental world/thought bubble bc the external world is so fricking overwhelming

- mile-long thought tangents

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