Motivation without discipline

The internet is filled with quotes that evoke the reader to feel good about doing something or feel good about themselves. The problem is that most people lack the discipline to get things done.

How to obtain discipline:

1. Stand up. Nothing ever got done by sitting on a couch wasting time. The first step is always to get on your feet ready for action.

2. Turn off your feelings. Yes, feelings are important but if you are misusing them they tend to get in the way of action, so they way you feel is now irrelevant. Stop whining!

3. Make a plan. Planning is good, just don’t overthink it or it will paralyze you and send you into an endless loop.

4. Divide your goal into smaller tasks. No one eats a pizza in a single bite. They do it one bite at a time one slice after another. 

5. Don’t stop. Even if you reach a milestone or your goal the work is not compete, it is never done, life is work, get used to it. If you want true discipline now is not the time to take a break

6. Do not seek the approval of others. Oftentimes people expect others to take notice of our accomplishments, this feedback is irrelevant and it will cripple you if you get used to it.

7. Wake up early, go to sleep early. Consistency in your habits is key and getting a good night’s rest is essential to your progress.

(to be continued)

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