The Debut - Sinclaire x MC


A/N: So I posit that Emmeline and Ernest have three biological children, all boys, and in between the second and the third they adopt a young girl who finds her way into the home that they run for women in London. This is about that little girl, now a young woman, and for @noeschoices.

Summary: Ever since he an Emmeline were married, Ernest has never dreaded a season until now.

Even now, over fifteen years into their marriage, Ernest found that each time his wife entered a room he was rendered a bit breathless. The years had been gracious to her, and while laughter had etched itself into the skin around her eyes and whispers of white and grey hid amongst her still dark brown locks, she was every bit a beauty and a force as she had been they day they met, if not more. He learned every last freckle on her skin and at this time of year, with the warm days approaching and with it their trip to London for the season with the children, he could see them making a reemergence on her décolleté.

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