Which personality type do you all think is the best?


“INTP, definitely XD but actually, I don’t know about the best, but I’ve always loved ISFPs because from what I’ve seen they’re really chill and casual. They’re also artistic and deeply emotional, which makes me feel more comfortable with showing my emotions. I also have an awesome cousin who is an ISFP, so I might be kind of biased.” -Lauren

“I tend to think that all types are equally well-suited to their person, since people’s priorities/values are so heavily entwined with the dispositions that beget them. I can see a case for a slight advantage for the E type over the I, as the modern world is hectic and often demands constant communication in a manner that’s quite draining to introverts, but we’re fortunately quite attuned to ourselves, and, with a bit of patience in seeking out the right fields, manage well enough.” -Emily

“So, I honestly think my personality type is the best (INFP) and that’s not because it’s mine. INFP is known as the Mediator of the group. INFP make up only 4% of the population, and they’re know was the peace keepers. They are constantly dreaming and thinking outside of the box for ways to come up with a new solution to things. Sure, INFP is always misunderstood, but when they are together nothing can stop them. We have many strengths and INFP make the closest of friends that won’t betray them. INFP are just calm hippies in a way, but with a cooler twist.” -Matt

‘Personally, I don’t think that any one personality type is better than another. Each one has it’s own strengths and weaknesses and it all depends on the situation that they’re placed in. For example, reciting a speech in front of a large group of people. Those with the E type might excel a bit more than those with the I type (Something along those lines). I particularly don’t have a favorite, even when I include my own: ENFP.” - Alexis

We weren’t sure if you were asking all of us individually or if you wanted a collective decision so this is the outcome :)

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