How each MBTI Type gets its caffeine fix

ISTJ: a mug of rich, medium-roast black coffee. It’s the universal standby; reliable and dependable, just like ISTJs are. They value the fact that anywhere they go, they can count on their order to be available, reasonably well-done, and effective. 

ISFJ: a cup of fragrant, Earl Grey tea. It’s mild and traditional, and a bit understated, but its flavor is distinctive and memorable, all the same, and it serves its purpose well every time.

INFJ: an Americano. It seems to them a “principled” beverage, as its only additive is hot, pure water, so as not to detract from the beverage’s espresso “core” from whence its energizing value is derived. 

INTJ: a ristretto. INTJs like a ristretto’s sequential layering of flavor intensity. They, more than anyone, can appreciate a drink that achieves its complexity through the structure imposed upon it. 

ISTP: a latté. It’s an extremely versatile beverage. It is easily adapted to suit a number of different flavor preferences equally well, and there’s nothing that an ISTP likes better than capacity for variety, and has less use for than unnecessary restrictions. 

ISFP. a mocha. Mochas, perhaps more than any beverage, mirror the warm and comforting nature of ISFPs. The fact that its flavors blend together well, and complement, rather than compete, with one another, resonates well with their conflict-averse nature.

INFP: a cup of green tea. As idealists, they are drawn to a beverage that has so many health benefits, specifically ones associated with cleansing and purification– but, of course, with a mind towards betterment, growth, and wellbeing. 

INTP: a tall glass of cold-brewed coffee. Its chill and sharp flavor give it a keenness resembling their ready minds; with its uniform integrity, it is best when allowed to stand alone, and should be served black to showcase its elegance through simplicity. 

ESTP: a can of red bull. Like ESTPs, energy drinks are fast-acting and instantaneously effective, and though they risk being overstimulating in environments don’t allow them enough movement, they offer an unrivalled capacity for action, and perform best when it’s time to throw it into overdrive.

ESFP: a caramel macchiato. ESFPs are reflected best in this warm, exuberant beverage. Like other espresso-based beverages, it is undeniably strong, but distinguishes itself from the others by emphasizing its value of both pleasure and magnanimity, as its marking of steamed milk creates both a more generous portion, and a more luxurious experience. 

ENFP: A frappé. ENFPs love drinks that are fun and fanciful, just like they are. They can let their imaginations to run wild with this drink, with syrup, whipped cream, and toppings that promise to make each order a novel experience. 

ENTP: An Irish coffee. The ENTP is best represented by a drink like this one, daring enough to combine several bold flavors into one. The addition of the alcohol is what really seals its adventurous appeal- after all, to the ENTP mind, it’s hardly any fun without a *little* risk involved. 

ESTJ: A double-shot espresso. The most no-nonsense MBTI type certainly demands the most no-nonsense of all coffee orders- is straightforward, back-to-basics, and above all, concerned with achieving results. 

ESFJ: Iced tea. Practical ESFJs appreciate iced tea’s economical nature, but more importantly, it is best-suited to be shared- brewed in large batches, and served in a pitcher among a table full of friends- quite literally “community in a glass”.

ENFJ: Cappuccino. Cappuccino evokes the feelings of warmth and congeniality characteristic of ENFJs. Its trademark airy froth undercuts its assertive flavor with a note lightness, much as an ENFJ’s strong, vocal disposition balanced with bubbly charisma, authenticity, and altruism. 

ENTJ: A pour-over of an imported blend that they only find out about after a long conversation with the barista. For an ENTJ, half the enjoyment comes from being admired for their superior tastes, though, pretense aside they do enjoy the strength and complexity of the flavor in its own right. 

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