The MBTI Types On A Deserted Island

ESTJ: Tirelessly collects coconuts

ISTJ: Counts, categorises and inventories ESTJ’s coconuts

ISTP: Fashions a spear and catches everyone’s dinner

ESTP: Starts selling coconuts to the highest bidders

ISFP: Kicks back under a palm tree and watches the sunset

ESFP: Can’t stop talking about having a Luau

ESFJ: Organises a Luau

ISFJ: Worries about everything and tries to spell out a giant SOS with seashells on the beach

ENFP: Demands protection for the rest of the lagoon sharks

INFP: Climbs the nearest mountain and gets back intouch with his inner self

INTP: Gets lost while looking for a rare plant they read about on a Wikipedia article two years ago

ENTP: Fashions a hotair balloon out of banana leaves and seaweed rope and laughs at the others as the wind carries him away

INTJ: Lectures the ISTJ on the inefficiencies in his counting system

ENTJ: Starts planning a 13 story tree hotel and steals most of ISFJs seashells to do so

INFJ: Envisions a new idyllic societal structure for the island

ENFJ: Says “come on everyone, follow me!” as he paddles out to sea on a log only to drift back three days later

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