Okay so I have a question- do guys who work in retail get creepy people hitting on them too? Or is that strictly a female problem?

Too easy

Wait did someone take this picture without his knowledge?

Yeh. And eventually his ‘fans’ doxxed his gf, and sent her death threats, because I suppose a cute guy is public property.

His family’s phone numbers, address, social security numbers and bank accounts were spread. His employer had to transfer him from the register to the stock, because girls felt it was acceptable to harass him on the job and take unwanted pictures. Not to mention that this all started because some creepy chick felt it was fine for her to sneak a shot of a random dude she didn’t know and post it online.

Apparently obsessive/psychotic behavior is cutesy and funny when girls do it.

What the actual fuck

I…highly doubt that story is true.  How can you do all that from just a photo?

It’s true.

Wait are we at an age where people dont know of the insantity of the “alex from target” ordeal

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