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What was your favorite subject as a child?

Art! I don’t have it as a subject at school anymore, but I love being creative all the time and I have art classes in the afternoons

Tea or coffee?

How can one choose!

Rather than choosing I’d rather tell you my favorite version of each

Tea - Rooibos tea (if you haven’t tried it command you to do it this instant)

Coffee- at the moment ice coffee, but no sweetener/syrup/sugar

Space or the Ocean?

Why is this soooooo hard!

If I have to pick, I’d pick the ocean 🌊.

Because I’m secretly a mermaid 🧜‍♀️ 😉

Favorite type of plant?

Succulents, because they are what I aspire to be: strong and fierce

Favorite type of art?


Would you rather go forward in time, or back?

Neither, it’s like being spoiled about the end of the book your currently reading or retreading your favorite novel and accidentally messing it up by dropping it in the bath (yes! I never take a bath without a good book).

Favorite book of all time?

I’ve read so many I’ve fallen in love with that I can’t possibly choose. It’s like asking a mother who her favorite child is.

What is your school’s mascot?

He’s called Alpha and he is a wolf.

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

No. Not because my parents are strict. I’m just too much of a crybaby.

What your favorite random fact? (about anything!)

In 2013 Belgium issued a limited edition of chocolate flavored stamps.

Do you prefer crayons, markers, or colored pencils?

Markers, because their colors are usually very pigmented and vibrant. I mean who doesn’t need some vibrant color in their live.


Okay so here are my 11 question.

How many books have you read ?

If you could say anything to the world’s leaders, what would it be?

Introvert, extrovert or a magical unicorn( being a mix of the two )?

What is your most essential school/ work supply ?

Cats or dogs?

What is your favorite season?

Celebrity crush ?

Biggest pet peeve ?

Who are the top three people you admire most ?

What is your favorite movie genre ?

As a child, what was your dream job ?

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