3 websites/apps that every student needs.


Today’s post is all about websites that I use in my daily school routine for essays or generally for homework that might make your life a lot easier too.Let’s on to it.

• Photomath: Photomath is actually an app where you can take a photo of a math equation and it can solve it for you BUT unlike some other apps that give straight up the answer it gives you the details of the solving procedure.I know that some of you might think that this is actually not good and I know that we’re supposed to do all the homework by ourselves but I sometimes use it when I’m just not in the mood to do Maths but still need to get all my school work done for the next day.

• Hemingway: So this a site that I’ve been really using lately when it comes to double-checking and correcting essays.I really like Word don’t get me wrong but after I finish a big essay I always make mistakes (e.x. some words might not be correctly written or might not “fit”) so I copy and paste the whole article or whatever it is there and it highlights the mistakes or anything that is not correctly done in my work.

• IXL: This is a website for maths practice problems that I told you in my previous post.There’s not much to explain, it provides you with all kinds of exercises for whatever you need and at least for me it has done wonders.

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