i say your reblog about Meg and Gabriel and i honestly never thought about shipping so why do you? i like learning about new ships (✿◠‿◠)


Well, I haven’t thought about them previous to that post either, but I saw it and went, wow, that’s super cool. Could you imagine the amount of sass between those two?

Just in that one interaction, imagine Gabriel trying his damndest best to impress Meg, because he is an Archangel and a Pagan God and he sure as hell wants some respect and adoration directed at him, because come on, he is that awesome. And also some more, but there are ladies here, so he’d be humble this once. And Meg would just snark back at him, playing on being unimpressed all the time, with those lazy smiles curling at the corner of her mouth, and really just that smirk and the way Gabriel’s golden eyes would glint back in a way that says ‘Challange accepted bitch’, and Meg being satisfied on the inside because and archangel courting him on his crazy way is just something she could really be proud of.

It is totally worth all the pains of shipping!


Oh damn, I wasn’t exactly planning on getting so excited about this. I hope you are proud of yourself!

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