It is the summer of 2020. You are somehow replaying Desire & Decorum again. You have just finished the chapter in which the Duke forces himself to MC. Frustrated, you begin the next chapter. But what’s this? The Duke shows up to your London home the next morning and apologises for the behaviour  he showed towards you the other night. Once he’s done apologising, you see a red icon appear right next to him, a white heart in the middle. Congrantulations, you have just received your first romance point with the Duke of Karlington.

P.S. The writers replaced Annabelle with him, for the sake of “testing” of course.

I am still kinda confused with what’s fully going on but legit when I saw people posting those changes for TRR I immediately caught fear for the first book of Desire & Decorum. It’s my favorite book and it would kill me to see changes to such a flawless book. I don’t get the reason for those changes in TRR. PB must really be obsessed with TRR.

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