Wait what has happened with TRR??




Okay, so here’s all the tea that I’m currently aware of:

1. PB rewrote a ton of Book 1. Chapter one is almost entirely different, for example. Some players say that book one in general feels like a new book

2. A ton of diamond outfits have been taken out and replaced with different ones. 

3. A bunch of new diamond scenes have also been added. For example, you have the ability to tour the castle with Maxwell or get Drake to help you steal a dance with Liam

4. Liam is a lot more confident from the get-go, and he even tries to make the MC jealous in the beginning of the book. He also gifts her a corgi in chapter 4. Apparently Liam is more like Leo now. He’s also more flirty

5. Drake is nicer and you can kiss him in chapter 2

6. Some of the lore from later in the series is injected earlier in the series

7. Older players can’t play this version of TRR, only new ones can

8. If you’re an older player and want to play this version of TRR, you need to delete your account and make a new one (or make a new account on a different device)

9. At some point today, only iOS users could play the new version of TRR. I don’t know if that’s the case anymore.

I’ll update this list with more news the more I find out, but that seems to be about it for now

Honestly the biggest slap in the face is not the changes but the fact that our paid choices for us earlier players seem to not matter. They should legit give us a refund. THAT to me is the real messed up part. (Unless I got this wrong so please correct me if I’m wrong)

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