I can’t msg you! Sad I was going to go off on how much I love Megriel and spam you with posts/edits ! Go on Instagram and type in #Megriel in the search, there should be about 10-25 edits of them :3


Oh my god, hiiiiii!!! 😀 Sorry about that, I have it set to only allow messages from blogs I follow to avoid spam and such, but following you now. I AM SO HAPPY TO MEET ANOTHER MEGRIEL LOVER YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! Lemme introduce you to the rest of us: @all-or-nothing-baby @narraukoiel @aloha-cowgirl (who has a story called “Clarity” that features Megriel as a side pairing which is, by all accounts, amazing, btw) @moderatelypanickedbiromantic @misha-moose-dean-burger-lover and our most recent convert, @midnightsilver.

Anyone else want in on this with us?

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