How to Memorise Information Faster

These are methods I use to help me keep information in my head or to help me memorise faster and be done with studying sooner so I thought I’d share them.

  1. Wake up early and study. I sometimes wake up at 4-5 AM to study if I’m not feeling very productive the day before. It’s much easier to study when I just woke up and my mind’s clear. Make sure to sleep early if you want to wake up early. Sleeping at midnight won’t help you get up at 4 AM! I go to bed around 8-9 PM if I plan on waking up early.
  2. Take long relaxing breaks then start with the hardest subjects. If you plan on studying a subject that requires a lot of memorisation, prioritize it. Get home, relax, then start studying that subject first. You’ll be more motivated to do it then.
  3. Walk! I know this sounds strange but I memorise things better when I’m walking around.
  4. Use more than one sense. Read loudly. Recite the information and write it down..etc.
  5. Don’t listen to music when it’s the first time you study that lesson. You want your brain to concentrate on your work as much as possible. At least don’t listen to something you know and can sing/hum along with.
  6. Study it regularly. Find it hard to memorise something? Study it often. For example, study it every Saturday till you find that you know it by heart.
  7. Study the lesson then solve excercises on it. I find this to be the most helpful tip. So you learned a new lesson today and the information is still fresh in your head, go home, study it then solve excercises on it even if the teacher didn’t assign them. It’s as if you studied twice and this makes it much easier to recall information when you study it again later on.
  8. Don’t study after eating. If you feel sleepy after eating (that’s normal. don’t worry) then it’s better to not try memorising anything. It’ll only slow down the process. It’s better to study sth easy and quick or just relax till you regain your energy.
  9. Sit somewhere with a lot of sunlight. This doesn’t directly affect memorisation (rip. I wish) but it helps set me in the mood to study.

I hope these tips were helpful. Good luck studying!

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