15 things jeon jungkook did:
  1. Once used Jimin’s socks as a microphone. 
  2. Took a close up picture of Jin’s dick using a selfie stick.
  3. Nearly killed Taehyung on a merry-go-round.
  4. Ate 6 cups of ramen at 1AM, all in one sitting, in the span of 20 minutes.
  5. Stole Jimin’s phone to vandalize it…with hearts.
  6. Raided the dorm’s fridge for breakfast while wearing a Pikachu onesie and walked around the streets at 3 am wearing his Daffy Duck pajamas.
  7. Couldn’t hold back his laughter hearing the Chinese version of Boy In Luv.
  8. Personally went to JYP ent to pick up Yugyeom for a late-night bowling date.
  9. Sat on a bunch of rocks trying to plant an umbrella while wearing a $7000 vintage & hand painted Raf Simons’ AW03 PCL mod parka. 
  10. Threw a big ass iceberg to the eldest member during a snowball fight; still didn’t understand why everyone was running away from him.
  11. Deadass got ignored by Namjoon when he almost drowned.
  12. Dropped a gumball to the dirty laundromat floor. Ate it anyway.
  13. Tweeted an instruction on how to properly cook ramen because he thinks that Jimin’s ramen sucks. (plus a totally unrelated selca)
  14. Stopped by to watch a dance cover group performance of Boy In Luv during his random stroll session along the streets of Hongdae; alone, face totally exposed, & looking extremely hot.
  15. Hollered a loud “Ohhh Yeahh~!” to an Egyptian Belly Dancer in Dubai. The dancer was Taehyung. 

bonus: hid inside a dark & creepy abandoned factory for fun; until the end, no one were able find him.


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