15 things kim taehyung did:
  1. Once turned himself into a Jungkook fansite.
  2. Got scared shitless when he thought that his eyebrows were gone.
  3. Was this close to being stabbed right in the forehead by a dart pin thrown by Hoseok. Bangtan: 100 points!’
  4. Asked a seaweed what its name was.
  5. Decided to eat rice at 2 in the morning…with ketchup.
  6. ‘I think there are rabbits on the moon’
  7. Edited a picture of bangtan with dog leashes on. They were not amused.
  8. Had to stop his vlive because he couldn’t enter his own hotel room; the keys were left inside.
  9. Danced to I Need U with heels on; flawlessly.
  10. Somehow came out while holding a random child on an idol sports athletic championship.
  11. Threatened to leak Jimin’s ‘Ryan McGinley’-like picture; aka nudes.
  12. Won a grammy award…for math.
  13. Had to physically stop himself to not rap along to cypher; it didn’t work.
  14. Ran back and went to the other side of the way just to accompany Seokjin who was walking alone.
  15. Gave a detailed update on his boys night out that ends with him being possibly drunk, sprawled on the bed, kissing and saying goodnight to a Jimin plushie

bonus: never forget the fact that his ears can move on its own.


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