cas' once concave stomach starting to fill out over a few weeks of being human again, his ribs start getting a soft padding, they are no longer visible at all , his stomach aand hips start filling out all his clothes until he cant even bring his pants up to his thighs which now jiggle and rub together when he walks, his shirts cant cover his small but quite noticeable and soft belly hang, his once perfect jawline getting softer, his double chin getting more prominent impossible to hide,each day




“what’s with the pouting, clarence?” meg asked, watching her fallen angel stare at the full body mirror, a small pout on his face as he looked at his half-naked body. [let me fucking live she is alive in this au]

“have i gotten….too ‘chubby’?”

“fuck no, you’re sexier than ever”



the demon wasn’t going to let castiel try and convince her that he had gotten fat, compared to what he looked like when she saw him for the first time since the angels fell, he wasn’t even close to what he thought he was.

his cheeks that were once semi-sunken in now scruffy and squishy, meg leaving kisses on them and making castiel get all scrunchy. s

he smiles so wide every time she sees the ex-angel remove his shirt because his ribs no longer poke out from beneath his skin, instead his belly rounds out from in between his softened hips.

she also laughs when she watched him struggle into his too small jeans for the first time, castiel was tugging on the black fabric so hard, it taking ten minutes to get them up his meaty thighs and he asked for meg’s help to button the button, she knew damn well that it wasn’t going to button, but his stubbornness wouldn’t accept that until the button popped off and launched across the room, meg’s face going red from laughing and his face going red from embarrassment, that’s when he finally let her take him shopping for new clothes. 

his sharp jawline got less and less pronounced every day, his face rounding out and a double chin appearing, and you bet your ass that meg left kisses there all the damn time.

meg had watched castiel get healthier, going from starving to well fed, from scared that he was going to be attacked every night to sleeping soundly in her arms every night

“i’m being serious, i watched you get healthy again and that makes me so damn happy to see you have the same soft features that i remember you having. you’re not ‘too chubby’, you’re healthy and that’s an amazing thing. and its nice to have something to grab onto.” the demon smiled, grabbing castiel’s rounder ass as she finished, making the human yelp and blush.

“you’re soft and sexy, clarence”

“thank you, meg”

“just tellin’ the truth, dollface.” she grinned and castiel turned around, dipping his head and kissing her gently, meg pulling him closer by his hips and deepening the kiss, it not taking too long before the two moved to the bed and she continued to show him just how beautiful she thought he was.


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