Kaylee Frye: ESFP

Extraverted Sensing (Se): Kaylee experiences the world primarily through her senses. She is a very hands-on person who has “natural talent” for working with engines (Out of Gas, 1x08) and seeks stimulation through her direct external environment. She is excited by the new and interesting, enjoying meeting new people because “they’ve all got stories” (Serenity, 1x01) and is adventurous and open minded in her approach to life, enjoying the thrill and rush she gets from her life on Serenity. Kaylee is excited by new opportunities and often makes decisions on a whim, such as joining the crew of Serenity almost immediately when offered the job as a mechanic (Out of Gas, 1x08). She is easily distracted by things in her external world (“Oooh, mangoes!”) and has an appreciation for sensory delights such as eating strawberries (Serenity 1x01) and pretty dresses (Shindig, 1x04). Kaylee is well tuned-in to the way things look and feel, decorating her room just the way she likes it. She is stimulated through physical actions, such as playing ball (Bushwhacked, 1x03), having sex (Out of Gas, 1x08) and fiddling with her engines (Objects in Space, 1x14).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Kaylee strives to live a life that is in accordance with her personal beliefs. She has a strong sense of personal morality which directs the way she lives her life, and feels personally attacked when her values are threatened (Safe, 1x05). Kaylee measures everything against how she feels about it, choosing for example, to “have faith in people” and see the best in others despite evidence to support the contrary (Serenity, 1x01). She feels things deeply, often having difficulty putting her personal feelings on hold when a more businesslike attitude is required (Out of Gas, 1x08). Kaylee is very sensitive to criticism, often taking things personally, such as being hurt when Simon criticised her life on Serenity (Safe, 1x05). She often has difficulty expressing her emotions verbally, preferring to let others know how she feels through her actions (Se), such as going quiet when Jayne made an offensive comment (Serenity, 1x01) or ignoring Mal when he hurt her feelings (Shindig, 1x04). She becomes deeply affected by emotional situations, especially when becoming personally invested in them, for example sitting alone in her hammock and listening the recording of Tracy’s voice on repeat (The Message, 1x12). Kaylee has a tendency to form deep and lasting emotional bonds not only with people, but also with objects, evidenced in her attachment to the ship Serenity (Serenity, 1x01).

Extraverted Thinking (Te): As the ship’s mechanic, Kaylee has a solid understanding of the external environment. She is highly competent at shaping and manipulating it, having a strong knowledge of the way things fit together to work well. She often favours the most direct alternative over a more complex one; such removing unnecessary parts of the engine that only get in the way (Out of Gas, 1x08). Kaylee is able to come up with plans of action to achieve a certain goal, such as contributing her ideas to the crew’s plans (Trash, 1x11). She is good at identifying a problem and then taking the necessary steps to fix it, and becomes disempowered when she is unable to, at one point saying, “sometimes a thing gets broke, can’t be fixed” (Out of Gas, 1x08).

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Though the majority of her life is ruled by Se dominance, Kaylee does have an intuitive understanding of people. When she meets Sheppard Book for the first time, she is able to tell that he will join the crew of Serenity without any explicit evidence to suggest it (Serenity, 1x01). She also has an intuitive understanding of machines, saying “machines just got workins’ and they talk to me” (Serenity, 1x01).

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