Mary Crawley: ENTJ

Extraverted Thinking (Te): Mary has a need for control and order in her external environment. She is easily able to control and manipulate the world around her, making her a highly capable businesswoman when it comes to the running of the estate (4x01), and often uses the external environment as a means to achieve a goal, such as using her link with Carlisle to find out about Bates’s whereabouts for Anna (2x03). She is most comfortable when she is able to shape and control her external world, and feels helpless when she is unable to manage her own life, saying “we’re not in control of anything at all” (1x03). In particular, she is upset and frustrated by the lack of power she has over her own affairs as a woman (1x04), and is subsequently attracted to positions of power because of the social and political influence they give her, as well as the control over her own affairs she so desperately craves, expressing interest in Carlisle, for example, because “he’s rich and he’s getting richer” (2x04). Mary often finds it easy to make decisions on a logical basis, and tends to favour the most direct route when looking for solutions to problems, being unable to see, for example, why Matthew is so reluctant to use the money inherited from Reggie Swire to save Downton when the answer is straightforward in her eyes (3x03). She is impatient with inefficiency, and is openly irritated when others cannot see the straightforward or obvious, talking out of turn when playing charades, for example, because nobody was able to guess what she was explaining (2x08). Mary is uncomfortable dealing with emotional situations, often preferring to use logic to combat various problems, leading several others to view her as cold or heartless (1x04). She struggles with empathy, being openly unkind to her sister Edith on many occasions, and is often unable to see the merit of feeling-based decisions, reprimanding Sybil for her decision to run away with Tom out of love (2x07) and criticising Matthew for not being on “her side” when he refused to use his inheritance from Reggie Swire to save Downton out of moral guilt (3x01). She has a need to speak her mind, and is quick to voice her opinions, respecting others (such as Sybil) who do the same.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Mary is focused on the future. She is quick to note that “the world is changing” (1x05) and is eager to adapt to modern ideas which have future potential, such as turning Downton into a convalescent home to nurse soldiers back to health (2x02) and changing the managing of the estate to secure its survival (4x01). She easily sees the future implications of both her own actions and the actions of others, and is quick to take action to avoid negative consequences, such as entering into an engagement with Carlisle to protect herself from the social shame of sleeping with Pamuk (2x05), talking Sybil out of eloping with Tom because she knew it would “tear apart the family” (2x07) and visiting Jack Ross to warn him against an engagement with Rose because of the negative social consequences that would ensue (4x08). Mary has an intuitive understanding of people. She finds it easy to read and understand others, being able to tell, for example, that the fake Patrick was an imposter without a second glance (2x06) and that Thomas was only being helpful to secure himself a job at Downton when the staff were dumbfounded about his sudden kindness (2x07). Her ability to read the motives of others makes it easy for her to manipulate people, a skill which she uses to achieve her own ends on occasion, such as ruining Edith’s chance of marrying Anthony Strallin to spite her sister (1x07). She gets strong hunches about people and events which often turn out to be correct, knowing, for example, that Matthew’s trip to London would be about Reggie Swire’s will before he got there (3x01). Many of Mary’s decisions and judgements are informed by impressions rather than specific details, such as being against Matthew when he first arrived at Downton because he seemed “very full of himself” (1x02). She also speaks symbolically at times, such as expressing her bitterness about Matthew coming to Downton and inheriting through the story of Andromeda (1x03).

Extraverted Sensing (Se): Though often calm and calculated in her actions, Mary can take great pleasure living in the present moment, enjoying physically stimulating activities such as horse riding (1x03), dancing (3xCS) and on one occasion, engaging in a mud fight with Charles Blake (4x06). She is attuned to the latest fashions and trends, and has a keen eye for aesthetics, often putting great care into dressing well and looking presentable. Reluctant to do anything “on the cheap” (3x01), Mary has expensive taste, and is often the first to express interest in new trends, attending a fashion show with her Aunt Rosamund (5x04) and noting her regard for the modern hairstyles worn by Parisian women (2x07). She is eager to indulge in new fashions, such as buying a dress she loved after seeing it at a fashion show (5x04) and cutting her hair short in imitation of a trend popular in Paris (5x06). At times, Mary’s love for sensory pleasures can lead her to behave in an impulsive manner, pushing her into decisions she regrets, such as dancing while heavily pregnant (3xCS) and sleeping with Pamuk out of a “need for excitement” (1x03).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Mary is private with her feelings. She is uncomfortable with the expression of both her own feelings and the feelings of others, and prefers to deal with her emotions on an independent basis, such as excusing herself from dinner when upset by a comment her father made (1x04) or retreating into herself for several months following Matthew’s death (4x01). Though she can be witty and charming when she wants to be, Mary trusts very few people with the details of her inner life. She has difficulty opening up to others, and struggles with letting her guard down. The few bonds she does form with others, however, are deep and long-lasting, often focused on specific individuals who have earned her trust and respect, such as Anna, Carson or Matthew. As Tom puts it, Mary is “nicer than a lot of people realise” (5x05). She puts great care into the individuals who have earned her trust and respect, going out of her way, for example, to organise a room for Anna and Bates on their wedding night (2x06) and care for Matthew when he was fatally injured in the war (2x05). At times, she is inclined to take on ‘causes’ she is emotionally affected by, such as arguing for Sybil’s child to be baptised Catholic against the wishes of the rest of the family (3x07). She also has a strong independent streak, being resentful of the traditional setting she was born into, saying “I don’t care a thing about rules” (1x06).

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