Daniel ‘Oz’ Osbourne: INTP

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Oz is a thinker. He is fascinated by the way things work, being intrigued, for example, by the moving eyes inside the statue of Amy’s mother (Phases, 2x15) and the dead cat Giles brought into the library, calling it “interesting” when everyone else was disgusted (Dead Man’s Party, 3x01). He is methodical and logical in his thought process, preferring not to jump to conclusions but work through information thoroughly (The Freshman, 4x01), and is quick to note whether or not something makes sense, saying at one point, “this is making the sense that’s kind of….not” (Becoming: Part 2, 2x22). Oz enjoys sifting through ideas and seeing how they fit together in a logical way, evidenced in the way he ponders the nature of Buffy’s ability to hear thoughts -  “I think, therefore she is…I cease to exist – huh!” (Earshot, 3x18). He is highly intelligent, being able to “test well” at school despite his lack of academic ambition (What’s My Line: Part 2, 2x10), and is knowledgeable about a range of subjects, being quick to accept new information others may find difficult to take in, such as realising that Sunnydale being set on a Hellmouth “explains a lot” (Surprise, 2x13). Though Oz cares very little about his work at school (“I’m not a work-of-any-kind person”), he is ambitious in areas he cares about, such as music, and strives to achieve mastery in these areas (“e flat, diminished ninth” – What’s My Line: Part 2, 2x10). He lives by his own rules and often follows interests that are independent of the people he hangs around with, often being bemused by the ideas and preferences of his friends, such as Devon’s taste in women (Inca Mummy Girl, 2x04) and Larry’s lack of finesse when speaking about his sexual fantasies (Phases, 2x15). He is often detached when it comes to emotional situations, and rarely takes criticism personally, calling a negative review for his band “fair” (Earshot, 3x18).

Extraverted Intuition (Ne): Oz is an open-minded person. He is quick to adapt to new information, accepting his identity as a werewolf (Phases, 2x15) and the presence of vampires and demons in Sunnydale (Surprise, 2x13) without a second glance, and finds it easy to make connections between different pieces of information, rightly predicting that Angel and the Judge would be at the mall because it was a highly populated area (Innocence, 2x14). He is enchanted by the obscure and interesting, being attracted to Willow because of her Eskimo costume (Inca Mummy Girl, 2x04), and enjoys playing with ideas and possibilities, taking delight, for example, in discussing how a group of animal cookies would “feel kinda ripped” because the monkey cookie had pants while they missed out (What’s My Line: Part 2, 2x10). Oz has an offbeat sense of humour, often using unconventional or creative phrases to express his thoughts (“we attack the mayor with hummus” – Graduation Day: Part 2, 3x22), and is inspired by the creative, delighting playing his guitar and checking out Giles’s record collection (The Harsh Light of Day, 4x03). He is focused on the future and can be somewhat idealistic in his ideas, preferring to focus on his dreams of being a musician rather than the everyday reality of school and jobs (What’s My Line: Part 2, 2x10). At times, he can get distracted and chase possibilities, such as becoming preoccupied with Veruca in the midst of his relationship with Willow (Wild at Heart, 4x06).

Introverted Sensing (Si): Oz has a good memory, being able to remember the exact number of vampires slayed when patrolling in Buffy’s absence (Anne, 3x01). He has a strong internal body of knowledge which works to influence his thoughts and ideas, relating to a number of areas such as philosophy (Earshot, 3x18) and music history (Wild at Heart, 4x06), and is easily able to grasp details, often being on par with Giles when the gang is in research mode. He is ambivalent about following modern trends, and has an appreciation of things from the past, respecting Giles for owning a copy of the Velvet Underground’s album Loaded from 1970 (The Harsh Light of Day, 4x03). He can also be somewhat nostalgic, wanting to reminisce about the end of high school when the mayor had been defeated (Graduation Day: Part 2, 3x22).

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Though Oz is concerned about the wellbeing of others, he often has trouble communicating it. He can be unaware of how troubling his outward detachment can be to other people, and on occasion needs interpretation of how others are feeling, such as asking Willow what was wrong when she was upset about him being “ironic detachment guy” (Graduation Day: Part 1, 3x21). He values external peace, and is uncomfortable with conflict between people, stepping in to be “referee guy” when Buffy and Xander got into an argument (Dead Man’s Party, 3x02), and is concerned for the feelings of others, agreeing to “uncouple” when Buffy was around so that she wouldn’t get upset about Angel (Faith, Hope and Trick, 3x03). He is aware of the dynamic within a group, and is eager to avoid tension, often removing himself from a situation when he is upset to avoid affecting others (The Wish, 3x09). At times, Oz can be tremendously insightful into the feelings of other people, being able to tell that Willow only wanted to kiss him to make Xander jealous (Innocence, 2x14), and that she wanted to talk after their split up to “feel better about herself” (The Wish, 3x09).

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