Xander Harris: ENTP

Extraverted Intuition (Ne): Xander is attuned to the big picture. He has little patience for details, becoming easily bored with demon research, and is energised by the presence of others, enjoying verbal sparring and bouncing his ideas off other people. He is good at understanding different viewpoints, and enjoys throwing things into the conversation for the sake of debate, referring to himself as the “devil’s advocate” on one occasion (Graduation Day: Part 1, 3x21). As demonstrated by Buffy’s brief ability to read thoughts, Xander often thinks in a scattered and haphazard way, and has a tendency to follow tangents in his speech, leaving others confused about what he is talking about. He is easily distracted (“ooh grapes!”), and is quick to make links between different pieces of information, often relating the happenings in the environment to various pop culture references. Xander is often reliant on his instinct to reach conclusions, being the first to realise that Willow was behind everyone acting strangely in ‘Something Blue’ through an intuitive deduction (Something Blue, 4x09), and is often playful with his expression of ideas, such as re-enacting Buffy’s confrontation with Angel by animating the fish fingers on his plate at lunch (Becoming: Part 1, 2x21).  He is enchanted by the novel and interesting, and has a tendency to seize opportunities without thinking them through properly, such as embarking on a solo trip around America that ended in a broken down car and a month working at a “fabulous ladies night club” (The Freshman, 4x01). Though his openness to new experiences can be a good thing, prompting him to be unafraid of taking risks, it can sometimes lead him to have difficulty making decisions, such as spending his time after the end of high school following a string of directionless jobs in his search for a purpose in life.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Xander is a curious person. He is fascinated by why things are the way they are, questioning Oz, for example, about the “essence of cool” (The Zeppo, 3x13), and has a solid understanding of the way things fit together, being able to fix a broken gun on his own through an understanding of the machinery (Something Blue, 4x09). He tends to think in an objective way, and is able to apply reason to a number of situations, even when they conflict with his personal beliefs: his willingness to look at Spike “objectively” with Buffy despite his dislike is an example of this (Sleeper, 7x08). Xander is driven to understand things in a logical manner. He is uncomfortable with the juxtaposition of contradictory elements, and has a tendency to simplify things at times to make them make rational sense, such as taking a strong dislike to both Angel and Spike as a way of upholding his “vampires are bad” worldview. He is often stubborn in his views, and can be reluctant to accommodate new information at times, preferring to revert to what he already knows (particularly in earlier seasons). Xander often struggles with seeing the merit of feeling-based decisions, putting him at conflict with Buffy and Willow at various points throughout the series. He is unable to see, for example, why Buffy is so reluctant to kill Angel when he is a danger to everyone (Passion, 2x17), and struggles to understand Buffy’s departure in response to the events of ‘Becoming,’ calling her actions “incredibly selfish and stupid” (Dead Man’s Party, 3x02). Though he is good at identifying problem areas and coming up with solutions to fix them, such as going after Angel as a way to remove a potential threat (Revelations, 3x07), he can be overly harsh or insensitive in his way of dealing with things, using cold logic in situations that require more sensitivity.

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Xander is the heart of the Scoobies. He invests a considerable amount of energy into his friends, and longs to feel useful in a group, often commenting in moments of insecurity on his inability to help his friends due to his lack of superpowers (Grave, 6x22). He is deeply hurt by the separation from Buffy and Willow during season four (“you two went to College and forgot about me!”) and is more affected than anyone by the fight with the Scoobies towards the end of the season, lying motionless on his bed for hours in misery (Primeval, 4x21). Xander is focused on having a place amongst a group of people, whether it be his fixation on being popular during high school or his need to be needed by his friends. He longs to feel important and useful, being deeply hurt by Cordelia’s comments about him being “the useless part of the group” (The Zeppo, 3x13), and is often upset when people don’t notice or appreciate his efforts, saying at one point in defiance, “I help out with all kinds of…stuff” (The Yoko Factor, 4x20). Xander is highly conscious of the way he is perceived by others, getting annoyed at Buffy, for example, for making him look like a “sissy man” in front of his peers (Halloween, 2x06). He is often insightful into the feelings of others, earning his title as “the one who sees” (Potential, 7x12), but tends to struggle with understanding his own feelings, leaving Anya at the altar because of his failure to be more “self-aware” (Hells Bells, 6x16). He is conscious of social dynamics, being acutely aware of the social hierarchy at high school, and is good at recognising and respecting social rules, often correcting Anya on her obtuse blunders.

Introverted Sensing (Si): On a largely unconscious level, Xander is haunted by his past. He is still terrified of a clown that scared him as a child (Nightmares, 1x10), and ends up leaving Anya at the altar because of the insecurities regarding his past and upbringing (Hells Bells, 6x16). He can be nostalgic about days gone by when he remembers them fondly, such as laughing with Willow about Cordelia and her “history of trying too hard” (Out of Mind, Out of Sight, 1x11), and can draw on past experiences in his evaluation of the present, using a story from kindergarten about “crayon breaky Willow” to contrast with “scary veiny Willow” when saving the world (Grave, 6x22). He can see merit in the recording of the past, supporting Andrew’s efforts to tape the goings on in Sunnydale (Storyteller, 7x16), and has an appreciation for the predictable and secure, happily ending his chasing of tangents during season four with a stable construction job.

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