Dawn Summers: ISFP

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Dawn is focused on her own feelings. She is highly aware of her own emotions and often spends time channelling them, keeping journals for years that detail her personal feelings, tastes, and beliefs. She is very sensitive, and has the tendency to take things personally, such as viewing Buffy’s coping strategy in response to Joyce’s death as an effort to “avoid her” (Forever, 5x17). Though she is able to comprehend her own feelings, Dawn can struggle with understanding and interpreting the feelings of others, criticising Buffy for handing herself in to the police, for example, because she thought Buffy “couldn’t stand” to be around her (Dead Things, 6x13). She can be selfish with her emotions, and tends to act melodramatically when her feelings are hurt, often locking herself in her room or treating the people around her unkindly in the midst of her pain (“get out, get out, get ouuuuut!”). Dawn is inclined to form close attachments to people, places and things, and takes the perceived abandonment of the people around her very personally, saying, “how else can I get anybody to spend any time with me?” (Older and Far Away, 6x14). She can be stubborn, and is reluctant to change her views when she makes up her mind, refusing to listen to the advice of others.

Extraverted Sensing (Se): Dawn lives in the moment. She is attracted to sensory experiences, such as slaying (Lessons, 7x01) and dancing (Conversations With Dead People, 7x07), and thrives on adrenaline-filled activities, such as volunteering to enter the grounds of a house her friends were afraid of for the thrill of it (All the Way, 6x06). She is easily bored by the theoretical and abstract, calling school “a big building full of boredom and despair” (Blood Ties, 5x13), and tends to learn best when she can work with her hands, such as being able to grasp her geometry problem when acting it out rather than learning from a textbook (Tough Love, 5x19). Dawn can be impulsive, and often acts without consideration for the long-term consequences of her actions, such as running away from home when she found out she was the Key (Blood Ties, 3x13), or attempting to resurrect her mother despite Tara’s warnings about raising the dead (Forever, 5x17). She tends to express her feelings and frustrations through her actions, such as burning her diaries in distress after finding out the true nature of her identity (Blood Ties, 5x13), sulking in her room because she was “done with being talked to like a kid” (Older and Far Away, 6x14) or stealing as a way of coping with her depression throughout season six. She is quick to notice sensory details, taking a liking to Spike because “he wears cool leather coats and stuff” (Crush, 5x14) and is able to think on her feet, using Glory’s presence as a tool for finding out more about the Key despite the danger she was in (Blood Ties, 5x13). Dawn is attracted to the sensory world of slaying, and is constantly irritated that Buffy won’t let her be a part of it, finally proving herself a resourceful and skilled fighter when she is given the chance (Grave, 6x22).

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Though Dawn’s personal feelings often inhibit her ability to see the big picture, she is at times able to understand how certain events will play out, offering to sacrifice herself to stop Glory because she could see it made the most sense in the grand scheme of things (The Gift, 5x22). She can also be quite good at reading people at times, being able to tell that Spike was “totally in love” with Buffy before anyone else (Crush, 5x14)

Extraverted Thinking (Te): Dawn is a good strategist. She “leads with her knight” when playing chess with Willow, demonstrating an ability to change and manipulate the world around her (Real Me, 5x02), and easily fits into leadership roles, being able to help Amanda escape a vampire and come to terms with being a potential slayer through taking control of the external environment (Potential, 7x12). She is often frustrated with inefficiency, seeing Buffy’s choice to keep her out of slaying when she could easily be useful as impractical, and often deals with problems by taking matters into her own hands, such as driving herself and Xander back to Sunnydale upon learning that Buffy sent them away for the final fight (Chosen, 7x22).

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