Hi! Your work is amazing! Guess I was just wondering who you are? I mean to say - do you have a main blog?


Awh, thank you so much! I have a main blog in the technical sense, which was created so many years ago that I hardly have anything to do with it anymore. So it’s not a very accurate representation of who I am, I’m afraid! But if you’re interested I can tell you a bit about myself from here - my name is Erin, I’m twenty years old and I’m studying a double degree of Arts and Fine Arts in Melbourne. I’m working on a potential career in illustration, though the business side of things terrifies me. I love taking photos, analysing people, baking with three times the amount of chocolate recommended by the recipe, drawing, and attempting to play guitar. I’m a vegetarian, I have curly red hair, and (typology wise) I’m a 4w3 so/sp INFP. Thank you so much for popping in with your kind words! I hope you have a lovely day!

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