Just stumbled upon your Tumblr blog, gotta say the level of depth and insight you bring here is really great. Being a massive fan of Friends, I look forward to seeing your post/take on Chandler and Mike. And oh, can you do the enneagrams for each character as well, like you did for Mon? Also, curious as to your type. I like your style of writing and expressing. It felt familiar but fresh at the same time. Have you watched Scrubs? Can you please type Elliot Reid from Scrubs? (MBTI+ Enneagram)


Thank you for your kind words! This blog has been on the backburner for a bit, but I definitely want to do more typings soon. My computer is filled with half-finished entries that I need to publish, so now is a good a time as any to get them out! I’m having a lot of trouble deciding with Chandler, so my entry about him might be an essay about potential types rather than anything concrete. As for Mike, I have no idea. Unfortunately I’ve never seen Scrubs, but it’s definitely something I’ve been meaning to watch for a while, so if the day comes expect to see some typings! And me? I’m a 4w3 so/sp INFP.

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