mbti types as weird quotes from my friends


Disclaimer: These are based largely on MBTI stereotypes, so they are not necessarily meant to be an accurate description of any given type.

INFP: “I have a nonreciprocal relationship with the void. It’s sad…”

ENFP: "I submit to my face every day wholeheartedly!“

INFJ: “Predestination gives me the heebeejeebies in great quantities.”

ENFJ: “I wish people’s hearts were more like computer programs … [so they’d be] easier to manipulate.”

INTP: “I don’t think you understand how apathetic I am about everything in life. My ability to decide is literally zero.”

ENTP: “I would certainly hope there’s something wrong with what I’m saying, because I definitely don’t believe it deep down.“

INTJ: “You’re hemorraghing my intellect!”

ENTJ: “Moral of the story: don’t believe in yourself.”

ISFJ: “That’s why I don’t believe in myself.”


ISTJ: “It’s horrifying how persistent life is.”

ESTJ: “We have a cure for your dreams.”

ISFP: “I’m honestly way more turned on by Picasso than anything else I’ve ever seen … those contortions leave a lot of room for interpretation.”

ESFP: “With the right attitude, you can have sex with anything!”

ISTP: “Honestly, I feel like most people are only useful as fertilizer.”

ESTP: “Relationships is just another word for sex.”

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